bully effect

when katy finds herself into trouble with her bully she ends up falling in love with him.after all he did to her she knows she has feelings for him and her bestie wont be happy when she finds out she had a crush on her boyfriend


4. reject

Aice's (pov)

ugh!!I hate it when katy is on her nerdy side.i am still gonna bug her to join cheerleading!!I know what your thinking ......i'm not a slut.I just like boys.SO what if all my shorts and dresses are short.i clearly dont give a fuck.First things first my name is Alice i am very hip and i love fashion i try to teach chelsea and katy some fashion oh and jenni too my bff well she is already hip.

I hate going to science class cause i have to sit next to zayn for hour he is such a perverted player.But i Love science class because i get to stare at louis he's my crush.he's so cute and awsome.I heard that he gets lots of girls and i want to be one of them.

"hey Alice"zayn said."what do you want "i said."can't i talk to my favorite girl"he said with a cute smile."get away from me you perverted whore"i said."oh gosh all i wanted was a kiss babe"he said laughing.ugg how much i hate him.As i was walking to math class i bumbed into louis.he smelled so good i would love to fuck him there or anywhere.

"hey louis"i said."um hi"he said scracthing his neck."you want to walk to math class together"i said."No thanks i um..i'm kinda busy"he said looking around."ok maybe another time"i said forcing a smile."bye"he said walking away.dam i wonder what he was going to do?i'll find out later



as i was walking to science class i saw louis he looked so cute but i knew alice had a crush on him so i can't be in love with him.

"hey katy"louis said."Oh hey louis"i said."you want to go get lunch later"he said.omg was he asking me out i guess not why would he."um i dont know i kinda told chelsea i would go with her"i said."oh thats cool next time right"he said."Yes definetly next time"i said with a smile as he walked away."oh god"i whispered to myself.


"whats up honey"i heard someone say.oh no Not liam.i turned around and i saw him there."what do you want now"i said."oh nothing babe,but i can see your into him"he said."oh shut up liam"i said shoving him."babe dont go ruff on me you know i'm sensative"he said smiling."leave me alone liam"i said."you dont want me to go,its ok you can admit it"he said."admit what?"i said getting annoyed."that you like me" he said getting closer."fuck off liam i hate you"i said walking away."k bye babe see you in math class"he said blowing a fake kiss and laughing.UGG how much i hate him  why can't he be nice for once.

when i entered science class i sat next to chelsea.I love science class for one thing i have it with my bestie chel and another liam isn't in it (^-^)which makes me so happy.

"Finally i'm away from liam"i said."well if you look at it this way he is cute"chelsea said."yeah right he's so adorable"i said sarcasticly."yes he is and zayn is super hot"she said smiling."OMG you like zayn"i said."keep your voice down no one needs to know that"she said."but he is so mean how do you like him?"i said."well remember that time i spilled my...well you know he was the only one not laughing at me and he well made me feel better"she said."that was before he turned mean and that was in elementry"i said."so that doesn't mean i can stop liking him"she said."you like louis so makes no difference"she said."CHEL shut up"i said as she laughed.i loved her she makes everyday fun.

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