bully effect

when katy finds herself into trouble with her bully she ends up falling in love with him.after all he did to her she knows she has feelings for him and her bestie wont be happy when she finds out she had a crush on her boyfriend


1. ME

Katy's (pov)

first of all let me introduce myself.my name is katy and i have dark blonde hair,green eyes and well thats it.now let me tell you about my friends.first of all i have 3 best friends. Alice is my hip friend and she's really pretty she could be a model someday but instead she wants to be prom queen yeah she's that kind of girl.Chelsea is the smart one even if she looks like a princess but you wouldn't want to mess with her she will do anything to beat you.ME now  thats a totally different topic i'm like the jenna from awkward except with blonde hair and i cause less drama.

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