bully effect

when katy finds herself into trouble with her bully she ends up falling in love with him.after all he did to her she knows she has feelings for him and her bestie wont be happy when she finds out she had a crush on her boyfriend


5. hugs and then what comes next?


I always had a crush on zayn i dont know why katy didn't know i clearly made that noticible that i liked him.she is definetly clueless about my love life she had no idea i liked her ex boyfriend john or her crush james but who cares.as i was getting ready to leave class i bumbed into zayn he smelled so nice i think he noticed that i was smelling him.

"Um chel why are you smelling me"he said.Omg he remembered my name."um you remembered my name"i said.ugg what a stupid question."yeah we were good friends in elementry why would i forget you"he said with a smile.i can't believe he remembered me should i ask him out."so...you um....nevermind"i said,he would never say yes."sure cutecheeks i'll pick you up at 7"he said winking at me."But you didn't know what i was going to say"i said."you were gonna ask me out i know when that happens"he said."you would go out with me"i said blushing."sure you are the only girl that i have had a friendship with why wouldn't I"he said.OMG i have to tell katy."ok see you at 5..i mean 7"i said staring at him while he left.i took out my phone and i texted katy."OMG KATY GUESS WHAT?"i put i hope she gets it.right away i got a response."what girl u seem excited"it read."ZAYN ASKED ME OUT WELL I DID BUT HE SAID YES!!!"i replied.i still couldn't believe this was happening.it was like a dream come true.



i got a text from chelsea saying she was going out with zayn i still couldn't believe how fast she got him i hope now zayn wont be that mean to me.i was walking to math class when someone grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"hey babe why didn't you wait for me"said liam."LIAM leave me alone for the fifth time"i said."All i want is to walk with you to class"he said smiling."well FORGET it"i said kicking him in the balls."KATY NOW YOU GOT ON MY FUCKING NERVES"he said.oh no i better run.i started to run but liam is a fast runner so he caught up fast so i hid in the girls bathroom and to my surprise chelsea was there.

"hey kate wha"she said after i interupted her."can't talk right now in trouble"i said as the the door flew open and liam came in."GET OUT LIAM"i said.he grabbed my arm and put his hand in a fist i though he was gonna punch me so all i could do was stare at him and he stared back.there was silence for a moment then he let go of my arm and left.

"ok..that was wierd"said chelsea while looking at me and the door."yeah.....i guess"i said still thinking about liam's beautiful eyes but then chelsea woke me out of it."are you ready to go to lunch?"she said."yeah....lets go"i said still shocked from that moment.



when me and chelsea arrived at taco bell i decided we were gonna go thru the drive thru.

"kate sorry to ask this but....are you in love with liam?'she said.omg did she just ask me that but i didn't know how to answer cause i wasn't sure if i did."No i dont why would i like him he bullied me"i said."ok cause back there you and liam looked really into each other so i guess he problably liked you"she said."WHAT no way he doesn't trust me"i said.if she right does he like me.No why would he,he has a girlfriend right?.


when me and chel got back to school i was heading for my locker then i bumbed into liam.oh no not again."liam i am sorry i kicked you i really am just please dont kill me"i said."i wont kill you why would I"he said laughing."umm.."is all i could say,did he just...no way chel was right i think he does like me."you wanna go eat lunch"he said."um i'm afraid your gonna put my lunch in my hair"i said.he laughed."i promise i wont"he said."In that case lets go i'm starving"i said rubbing my stomachthen he laughed and guess what he wrapped his arm around me.I KNOW RIGHT.wow i thought is this happening.i was smiling all the way to the lunchroom."why so happy cupcake?"he said."oh no reason"i said smiling."are you happy that your with me?"he said smiling."No,yes i'm with you right now but i'm not happy because of that"i said."thats not what i meant..come on or lets hurry or your lunch will get cold"he said walking ahead of me.woah did he just say what i think he just said.your wondering what right.well i think he said if i was happy if we were together like in a boyfriend/girlfriend way you know.i'm so happy right now not because i'm with him because i know he wont hurt me(^-^).


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