bully effect

when katy finds herself into trouble with her bully she ends up falling in love with him.after all he did to her she knows she has feelings for him and her bestie wont be happy when she finds out she had a crush on her boyfriend


2. better than yesterday

It was monday morning and i woke up too early 4am so i woke up and went straight to the bathroom i wasn't going to go back to sleep anyway.as i was going to take a bath i looked at my phone and saw two messages from alice.


they read "OMG girl are you signing up for cheerleading" and the other one said "you better sign up it will make your image look.....better" i replied "why do you care so much about my image i like who i am".I really hate it when alice try's to change me and make me cooler and popular even though i dont want to look cool.when i got out of the shower i went dowstairs and saw my brother on the couch crying i couldn't stand it when he cries it makes you want to cry.

"why are you crying?"i said."oh its nothing really"said mathew."thats not true is it a girl?"i asked."NO JUST PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE"he said.why didn't mathew want to tell me what was wrong?oh whatever its his fault.after doing some of my homework  and eating breakfast i walked to school

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