Kidnapped Again And Again...

Fey is 17 years old and just moved to London.
She was at a party with her best friend Emily wenn she meets Louis Tomlinson!
What will haben?
At the way home she got kidnapped but by who?
Will she fall in love with someone?


3. Truth and Anger

Harry´s p.o.v.

We kidnapped a girl and now we are ont the way home. Wenn we got home and put her in my room. The other boys were home and watched a movie so we had to be quiet. We decited that i had her first and then Zayn could do what he wanted with her.

I pushed Zayn out of the room and locked the door. I turned to the bed where she was. I walked over to her and sat on the bed beside her. Started to take off her clothes. I just staired at her naket body she was so perfect. I tuched her skind and it send sparks though my body. I started kissing her on her soft lips and then you can imagine what habent....

I got on my clothes and walked down stairs with a big smile on my face i found Zayn with the others on the couch.

I walked over to Zayn and said "I´m done"

"Done with what?" Louis asked he looked so happy

"Why are you so happy?" i said

"I just meet THE girl she is sweet, funny and gorgeous"

"What is her name? and what does she look like?"

"Her name is Fey and she has blond and a little curly hair and green eyes"

I looked at Zayn the girl in my room looked like that, and he looked at me aswell

"Boys Perrie broke up with me last night" Zayn said

"I´m sorry mate`"

"She wasn´t the right for you" The others said.

"But anyway what were you done with?"


"I know you are lying"

They all gave me THE look and i couldn´t stand it

"What have you two done!"

I couldn´t stand it

"We kidnapped a girl and we... maybe.... a sort of.... drugged her" the last was almost a whisper.

"YOU WHAT?!?" They all said at the same time.

The ran upstairs to my room

"NOO!!" we ran after them....


Louis´s p.o.v.

We ran upstairs to Harry´s room we knew she was in there cause Harry was in there for a long time.

We "bursed" in and saw a girl under the blanket on Harry´s bed and her clothes surroundet  the bed.


Harry didn´t say anything. Liam and Niall looked like they were very close to knock Harry and Zayn out. I were too. She looked a sort of familiair to me

"Were did you find her?"

They told us where and i just got scared. Was is Fey? She had the same hair.

I walked over to her and removed some of her hair and just looked at her in schok.

I turned around in anger i looked at Zayn and Harry.

I attacked them both at the same time, i was stronger than them both together. I punshed them both in the stomach so got all out off breath. Liam and Niall pulled me off them but i kicked them in the place were a guy does´nt like to be kicked and they screamed out in pain.

"What is going on, lou? why are you acting like this?" Niall asked.

"THEY KIDNAPPED HER AND HARRY RAPED HER!" i was still full of anger.

"We know but why n...." Niall

"She is the girl you kind of fell for tonight, right?" Liam said.

I just nodded and looked at her she was just laying there and the thought of Harry touching her just filled me with more anger than before.

I just looked at Harry and as he faced the floor.

"Leave" I said

"What?" they asked

"I said LEAVE!"

"But it is my roo..." harry said but i cut him of

"LEAVE!!" they all let me alone with her in Harry´s room...

I decited to give her some clothes on so she didn´t feel uncomfortable wenn she woke up i could tell her what happend later... or i could just tell her a lie... but what if she finds out later?... I would deal with that wenn she wakes up. I went to my room to grab some blankets. I laid down on the floor in Harrys room so i would be there wenn she wakes up.

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