Kidnapped Again And Again...

Fey is 17 years old and just moved to London.
She was at a party with her best friend Emily wenn she meets Louis Tomlinson!
What will haben?
At the way home she got kidnapped but by who?
Will she fall in love with someone?


4. Morning, you want a punch

Fey's P.O.V

I opend my eyes realizing that it wasn't my room where the hell was i!? I looked around and i was getting it was a bit scary. I think this room belongs to a boy and there is some dirty clothes in the corner. Wait what is that on the floor it looks like a slepping person. OMG it is a person now i am freaking out a little bit now! What am i'm gonna do? What habent yesterday? Who is that? I took s closer look on the person on the floor it was a boy with messy brown hair. He looked a familiar. The guy started to move OMG what am im gonna do? The person sat up looked into the wall and then turned his head so fast that i jumpe a bit. Wait i know that face! "Louis!?!"


Louis P.O.V.

I started waking up i opend my eyes, and wundered what i was doing in Harrys room and then alle the memoryes from last night fload back in over me. And i shot my head to the bed with so much power that i thourght i was gonna fall back down. I saw Fey staring at me with me with fear in her eyes but it soon changed into a questioned look and the she said

"Louis?" "Ya love it's me" "Where am i?" "You are at me and the boys house" "What am i'm doing here and how did i get here?" What am i'm gonna do? should i tell her the truth or a lie? After a while of mentaly talking to myself. Fey snaped me out of my thourght and back to realety.

"Hallo Louis!" She waved a hand infront off my face. Then i decited to tell her the truth always tell the truth no matter how bad it is or else it is gonna bit your but! "Umm. You see. Last night. Harry and Zayn. I'm sort of. Umm. Ehh. Kidnapped you and drugged you" "what!? Why? I am so gonna k..." i Cut her off "Wait there is more but don't get to mad cause they where really drunk! Well. Umm. They. Umm. Harry" "Louis spit it out" she said in a bit anoyed tone.

"Okay okay i am gonna say it really fast! They planned on both raping you and Harry did but we caught them when Harry told zany that he was done and Niall, Liam and I ran up here and I kicked their asses until Niall and Liam pulled me of them and I kicked them all out of here and this is Harry's room by the way!" I breathed really deaply because of how fast I had talked.


Fey's P.O.V.

I can't believe what Louis just told me! I shot up jumped out of bed, not caring that I didn't know this house. I just ran thrue the hall and into the living I saw Harry standing in the middle of the room talking to Zayn. I could recognise them because the are one direction so of cause I know what they look like. I rushed over to them and before Harry got to say anything I kocked in to the ground. That is gonna give a black eye! "I surpose Louis told you what he did" Zayn said I turned to him an punched him in the stomach so he fell to the ground and the both screamed out in pain. I just stod an watched them on the floor. I heard  the door swung open behind me. Turned around and to see Niall, Liam and Louis standing in the doorway with their jaws dropped. Then Niall began to laugh really hard soon Liam and Louis joined him. Zayn stod up and asked "I didn't rape you last night so why did you punch me?" "You where planning on doing it to and you both kidnapped me" The boys stopped laughing and Harry stod up and gave me an evil glair "Harry are you mad at me?" I asked in my best innocent voice "yeah how could you tell?" He said very sarcastic "ohh I'm sorry oh wait no I'm not actually not at all but I'm very mad at you, actually I'm not mad I'm really angry at both of you!?!" I looked from Harry to Zayn tears started forming in my eyes. "I was a virgin yesterday!" i screamed in Harrys face. I turned around a ran of to the room I woke up in, and sat down for a minute when Louis, Niall and Liam walked in i put my face in my hands and pulled my knees to my chest Liam and Niall sat on each of me and Louis on he's knees infront of me. The try'ed to comford me, and

make me feel better after an hour Niall and Liam left to get something to eat. Louis stayed with me, we talked for what felt like hours. We got to know each other pretty well and i must say he is a sweet funny and carring person and btw he is also really hot! suddenly Louis stared at me not in the creepy way but in the sweet way.


Louis's P.O.V.

Fey and I talked for what felt like hours and it just made me like her more I'm gonna ask her to be mine but is it to soon we have only known each other for about a day or so.

But i am gonna go for it anyways the worst thing that could haben is she says no. That i hope she does'nd.

"Fey uhmm... I know we only meet but i can't wait. will you g-go out with me?"


Next capture




 graped my phone from the table and headet for the front door. I didn't know where the front door was so I just ran the way I thought the door was in. I saw the door but when I reached my hand to open it I was graped from behind and dragged into a little room. The person who grapped me had a hand around my waist and one for my mouth. The room was all dark and we just stood there I couldn't see the person because they where behind me. Daah. I heard Louis yell for me but i couldn't yell back. All went silent for a couple of seconds and then that light was turned on and it was so bright that i coulden´t see for some seconds but then i realizing that i was in a broom cupboard with Niall!?!....

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