Kidnapped Again And Again...

Fey is 17 years old and just moved to London.
She was at a party with her best friend Emily wenn she meets Louis Tomlinson!
What will haben?
At the way home she got kidnapped but by who?
Will she fall in love with someone?


2. Meet and Kidnap

Fey´s p.o.v.

Emily invitet me to her friend melissa´s birthday party tonight at 8. it is 6 now so i am about to get ready. Emily and i was meeting at 7:30.

I am wearing a black dress with a pink belt. I did my hair and make up. I laid some pink and white "smoky eyes", some mascara and lip gloss.

Emily came an we startet walked and me joked and made fun the hole way, even though it was only a few houses down the street. But because it was us it feelt like hours of fun at 5 minutes.

We arrived to the party and it was already started and  every one was drunk.

I got myself a pink drink, it smell´d odd but it tasted really good. I danced with some cute guys and had a few drinks but i wasn´t drunk like Emily, she ran around and flirted with all the guys.

She is my best friend and i love her but she can be to much ya know.

A guy called Matt wanted to dance, so we did but he started to touch me. I didn´t like him doing it i try´ed to push him away but he was to strong. I said stop but he didn´t listen. He pushed me in to a boy and started kissing me. He pushed up against the wall and i could feel the boys eyes on us and i keept saying "stop" in between the kisses. but he didn´t still listen. Suddantly one of the guys pulled Matt off me and said "didn´t you hear she said stop?" Matt walked over to me and slaped me right across the face with all of his power. It was ringing in my ears and i fell to the ground and closed my eyes.

I heard some yell/talking and wenn i opend my eyes i saw Matt walk away and a really hot guy sitting down beside me. He looked at me with a worried look in his eyes.

"Are you okay love?" he asked

"Yeah i think so" i said.

"What is your name?"

"Fey and you?"


"Ohh yes you are Louis Tomlinson from one direction right?"

"Yes i am Louis aka the carrot king!" after that comment we laughed alot and the whole night we just laughed and got to know eachother. Louis is really sweet, funny and charming. At 02.00 i decited to go home.

Louis offered to walk me home but i said that it was just down the street. Before we said goodbye i gave him my number and hugged him. I couldn´t find Emily so i decited to go home alone.

I was walking all on my own in the dark there was only comming some light from the street lamps. I saw 2 lights from a car it was driving slow and was right behind me.

It stoped and 2 guys got out the walked after me and i started to run and the ran after me. I ran into a sideway and hid behind a big container.

I could feel my heard beat faster and faster. Then i heard some voices and after 10 sec. a guy appeared in front of me and he yelled

"Found her!" he graped my arm and pulled me up i couldn´t see his face. I feelt a "prik" in my neck and then it all went black....


Zayn´s p.o.v.

I woke up this morning and feelt really bad. Perrie just broke up with me last night, and i don´t know why. I removed the blanket and stood up and put some sweatpants on. I walked down stairs to find Harry on the couch.

"Were is everyone? i asked

"out" he replyed. I joined him on the couch. He looked terrible so i asked

"What is wrong Harry?"

"I my date last night bailed on me so i just went out drinking"

"Ohh so i am not the only one with girl problems"

"What do you mean?"

"Perrie broke up with me last night"

"Ohh i´m sorry" he said. We were both down so we decited to drink!

"You know what we should kidnap a girl a do what we want with her" Harry said. "Yeah that is a great idea" i said.

We waited untill 01:30 and then we took my car. We drow around in the city but there wasnt many girls alone on the street.

After about half an hour we saw a beuatiful girl walking alone i drow up right behind her. We parked the car and got out and she started to run we ran after her. We saw her run into a sideway and the she disappeared.

"I´m going this way and you go that way" i said.

"I found her" i yelled. She was behind a big container. Harry ran up to us and gave her some sleep medicin. We put her in the back of the car and drowe home....

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