storm Lola robins is in a famous band. 14 years ago she was Lola styles but when she was 5 years old she was kidnapped and held for ransom when her parents do not pay the ransom the kidnappers tryed too kill her. but they didn't she ran and was taken in by the robins. her parents think she is dead and harry is now in a band. what will happen when harry meets her? and what will happen when one of his band mates falls in love with her? what will she do?...
read too find out...


3. shopping and partying...

we arrived at the shopping center and went strait to Starbucks i grabbed an ice tea my favorite drink and went to have a look in some of the shop`s.


we finished and went home to start getting ready for tonight.

"so how is peter?" i asked summer as we painted are toe nails. " he is good just a bit stressed out as the paparazzi keep saying he is cheating on me but i know he is not he would never do that" summer replayed as she started painting her toes blue.

"cool i hate the paparazzi some times they always catch you when its a bad day" i huffed as i waited for my black toes to dry.

"yeah but we don't care as we are the hot girls from dusk till dawn" Sam shouted making us laugh.


we were almost ready hair done just are cloths too put on and are make up.

i had my hair down in its thick black curls and purple contact lenses in.

i had smokey eyes black eye liner red lips and a bit of bronze.

i was wearing a royal blue dress with three quarter length selves and it came down to mid thigh, tight fitting and hugged my curves nicely.

i was wearing a black leather jacket and black high healed ankle boots.

summer had her short brown hair spiked up, a little bit of eye liner and pink lipstick, a dress like mine but baby pink and has cream lace on the front and short sleeves.

a small cream cardigan, and light pink high heals.

Sam had her shoulder length blond hair in huge curls, black eye liner and lip gloss.

a short and tight black dress with black stiletto`s and a white blazer.

we were all set to go too the party but we were not going together as i have to be some wear later whilst the girls get to stay Sam would stay with Alex and summer would go home with peter.

so i got to use my scooter it looks like a vintage motor bike in light blue.

i jumped on my scooter and waved bye too the others and drove to the party.


i had just got a glass of wine from Alex`s secret stash of wine that i always drink as i hate beer and vodka. i went over too say hi to Ed Sheeran one of my best friend`s in the famous world.

"hi ed how are you haven't seen you in ages" i said hugging him and kissing his check.

"i am good some of my other friends are here tonight i will take you to meet them later but i have got to go find Alex he owes me a guitar" he replayed smiling and walking away into the crowd.

i went and sat by the pool out side to get some fresh air i wonted to smoke but Sam had taken all of my stuff from me so i quit but i always went and bought some more whilst she wasn't looking.

then i remembered i had put some in my bag for tonight.

i pulled one out but realized i had no lighter to light it.

"here" said a voice as some one handed me a lighter. i looked up too come face too face with Zayn Malik from my brothers band one direction. i hope my brother is not here too.

"thanks" i replied lighting my cigarette and handing him back the lighter.

he sat down next too me and light a cigarette too.

"whats your name?" he asked looking at me with is beautiful brown eyes. oh no don't tell me i like him now. he is in my brothers band oh no.

"storm you?" i asked pretending i didn't know him at all.

"cool your from that dusk till dawn...i am Zayn...Zayn Malik from the band one direction" he replied smiling at me.

"cool too go" i said getting up quickly and putting out my cigarette on the pool side before rushing inside too find Summer and Sam.

i went over too the drinks table wear they usually hang out when at a party but they were not there.

i looked round the room too see if i could find them.

 as i turned round i came face too face with the bright green eyes that i haven't seen for 14 years...

(A/N please tell me if i should continue or not Robyn x)

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