storm Lola robins is in a famous band. 14 years ago she was Lola styles but when she was 5 years old she was kidnapped and held for ransom when her parents do not pay the ransom the kidnappers tryed too kill her. but they didn't she ran and was taken in by the robins. her parents think she is dead and harry is now in a band. what will happen when harry meets her? and what will happen when one of his band mates falls in love with her? what will she do?...
read too find out...


2. 14 years later... the band

i am now 19 years old i have changed a lot my hair is still very curly but it is now black with purple dip dye also waist long and i cover my green eyes with contact lenses that are purple i am a bit emo with the things i wear but i don't care.

my sister Samantha who i call Sam is shorter than me like most girls as i am very tall she is tanned like me with blond hair and light blue eye`s and is in a band with me we went too x factor and won 1st place we met the other`s.

there is Alex he is average height for a guy pail and strong with brown hair and green eye`s he is always very protective over us all like i am but he is great too ask for advice.

summer who is the same height as Sam, tanned and has relay short brown hair with brown eye`s she is always bubble she knows how too have a good time and cheer people up.

peter who is tanned with short curly dark red hair and brown eye`s and is very silly he is dateing summer he was before the band and continued too date her when we were in the band as well.

that is us and we are called dawn till dusk and i am storm robin`s.

we all live on the same street in London. me and Sam live together so do summer and peter but Alex has his own house well mansion as we all are very rich because of the band.

they all know about what happened too me 14 years ago so we all shear secrets and never lie too each other it`s like one big happy family. Julia and Jake live in america now as they work there but we visit them when we get time of and they visit us too.

today me and the band are having a party at Alex`s house later on so first me and the girls are going shopping leaving Alex and peter to set up the party he he we are so evil.

"wake up storm summer is going too be here in an hour too go shopping so you better get a shower before they get here" Sam said as she strode into my room and sat on my bed it was a nice way too wake up i suppose it would be because last time she woke me up by shaking me i swore at her witch happened any time some one woke me up with out just saying normally it was time too get up.

i am kind of moody some times and mostly in the mornings so if some one piss's me off there is going to be trouble it is what the guys call a thunder storm.

i got up as Sam left the room and garbed what i needed before heading off to the shower.


i got out the shower and got dressed into my black skinny jeans, black and white skull shirt, grey blazer and black doctor martins with purple laces.

i brushed my teeth and put my purple contacts in then did my hair and make up with was a lot of black eyeliner.

"there here" Sam shouted from the hall as i went and garbed my grey shoulder bag, i phone 6 and purse.

"coming one sec" i shouted back as i shut my bedroom door and rushed down the stairs too see summer and Sam talking.

summer was wearing a light pink top, denim shorts a pair of pink slip on shoes and a black leather jacket.

Sam was wearing a pair of blue legging`s, long white t shirt with dusk till dawn and are logo on it which made me laugh a blue blazer and white sandals.

"finally your ready" Sam laughed as i hugged summer and pulled out my keys so i could drive us.

i locked the door and we all headed too my car. it is a mint green old vw beetle that i had got done up not long ago and now i love driving it all the time.

we all got in and i drove us too the shopping center...

(A/N please tell me what you think of this so far and i will up date as soon as i can thank you for reading love Robyn xx)

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