storm Lola robins is in a famous band. 14 years ago she was Lola styles but when she was 5 years old she was kidnapped and held for ransom when her parents do not pay the ransom the kidnappers tryed too kill her. but they didn't she ran and was taken in by the robins. her parents think she is dead and harry is now in a band. what will happen when harry meets her? and what will happen when one of his band mates falls in love with her? what will she do?...
read too find out...


1. 14 years ago...


me and my brother harry were outside in the tree house playing we were about 5 years old and we were twins and happy. we both had brown curly hair and green eyes. he was taller than me and always made me lauph.

"harry if i was like repunsel would you come and save me from the tower?" i asked as he pushed me on the swing hanging on are tree house tree."of course i would little sis" he replyed.

"lola harry dinners ready come in sweetys" mum called from the back door as harry stoped pushing the swing and ran towards the door."last one to the table is a rotten egg!" he shouted and continued running. i jumped of the swing and ran arfter him but stoped when some one grabed me and putt ther hand over my mouth. i bit there hand and shouted as load as i could "harry!" but the person put there hand back over my mouth and started too drage me away. harry ran out the back door and saw the person dragging me away and started too run towards me screaming my name but the person had already dragged me into a waiting van leaving a crying harry behind.



i had just found out my perants couldnt afford to pay the ransom the kidnappers had asked for and i felt empty, alone and unceared for. a few hours arfter i was told the kidnappers forsed me into a small trunk i felt my legs almost snap and the bones stick throw the skin i was crying in pain.

they stopped and dragged the trunk out of there van i could hear the rush of water and gessed we were at a river.

suddenly i felt the trunk i was in lift causeing me to yelp as my leggs that were broken moved. i herd a splash and suddenly the trunk i was in was filling with water i couldnt get out. forceing open the lid i used my arms too gett out as my leggs were in too much pain. but as i got out the lock on the trunk cut into my back as i swam away it cut all down my back.

i got out pulling my self useing just my arms i layed on the muddy bank it was dark cold and damp i felt like i was unwanted by my perants and harry as i remmember him telling me if i was in trouble he would save me.

a herd foot steps but i couldnt lift my head eny more.

"oh my gosh are you ok" asked a sweet voice as she came closer.

"no" i meaniged too say she pulled out her phone and called some body.

"ok dear my husband is going to pick us up and take you too the hospitale ok dont worry we will look arfter you" she said helping me a bit so i was sat up lent agenst her.

and they did both the lady i found out too be called julia and her husband who was jake they had a daughter too she was called samantha they took me too the hospital and i got pached up two casts one for each legg and stiches on my back. they adopted me and i gave my self a new name forgetting about the old me and the family who abandoned me too kidnappers.

my new name is storm lola robin`s and i have a new family and life.

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