Finn is waiting for the girl he hasn't seen in almost a year.
Can she really forgive him for what he did?
Everything is not what it seems.

1. Meeting

Checking my watch, I felt the butterflies. I’d been stood there for what felt like hours waiting for her but it was only 12:03pm, I’d been waiting 20 minutes.

Was she just late?

Was it all been just some silly playground game to her?

Was I even in the right place?

My hand flew to the pocket of my old jeans, pulling out the letter I’d received only a few weeks before. The bright pink paper had started to crumple which I didn’t see as a surprise as I’d been fondling it each day to check all of this wasn’t just a dream. Straightening it out, I reread her perfectly curled handwriting:
“Finn! 12:00pm April 29th. Westwood Park.”

Although she had not signed it, I knew it had to be her; she hadn’t contacted me in almost a year but I could recognise that handwriting anywhere. I’d done everything right: the date, the time, the place. I had even bought a bouquet of bright pink balloons for her… She loved pink… I guess it was, sort of, my “I’ve missed you” gift.

As I sat on the old battered kerb, I started to daydream… flashbacks to the previous year. The last time I saw her face. The last time I saw her smile. The last time I saw her cry…

It was the 1st of May – her birthday.
“Finn, I have something to show you” she whispered in my ear whilst grabbing my arm and dragging me to her room. After knowing her for all 14 years of my life, I was used to her being spontaneous and, to say the least, imaginative. But lately it was becoming too much for me and my bottom set brain to handle.
“What is it now? More stories?” I’d groaned in her face. She stepped back, she’d probably caught the smell of my breath and the cheese and onions crisps I’d just devoured.
“Finn, they’re not stories” she kissed me on the cheek as we stood in the doorway of her perky pink bedroom. The diamante triangular pendant on her necklace began to sparkle in the optimistic light.
She pranced over to her bed, her petite figure making her look almost angelic. As she crouched to the floor to reach for a shoe box under her bed, just below her pleated skirt, I noticed bruises on her arms.
“Where have they come from?” I’d asked. In hindsight, I’d been so insensitive. This was a big deal to her and I’d never believed a word.
“You know it happens every time I…” her voice trailed off as she saw the look of disgust on my face. “Please, just look at this” she’d pleaded. However, I was used to this and I knew what was about to happen. Her delicate fingers pulled off the dusty shoe box lid and she pulled out a key ring. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t just any key ring. It matched her pendant and as she pulled it closer something happened between the two objects… They both began to glow and a huge smile lit up across her perfect face.
“NO!” I shouted, so loud that my throat began to sting “I’m sorry but I can’t do this. It’s a story. It’s a game. Evangeline! None of these adventures are real. I love you but it has to stop!”
And in that moment, I could almost pinpoint the moment her heart split in two as tears began to fall.
“Finn, it’s real. It’s all real. Take this key ring and let me show you.” she pleaded with me.
I’d had enough. All of these adventures were absolutely fascinating but they just weren’t true, no matter how often Evangeline told herself they were.
Before any more words could be said, I fled the house. There was a time and a place to sort this out but here and now was neither of them.

And that was the last time I’d seen her.

“Excuse me” I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking me awake. I’d fallen completely asleep but somehow had managed to keep hold of the balloons. I looked up and saw an old man staring down at me “I think you’ve been stood up, mate”. I glanced at my watch again 1:00pm. He was right. She wasn’t coming. I brought myself to my feet and left the park. Suddenly, all the sounds around me were completely intensified. The birds chirping. The kids squealing. Shoes pattering.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. And there she was. Staring me in the face was Evangeline- my 17 year old sister. I pulled her into a hug, accidentally letting go of the balloons. We pulled away and watched them float in to the pale blue sky. Before I could even open my mouth to speak, she whispered in my ear. “It’s okay. I know what happens next.”
In her hand she held the key ring and placed it in my palm. I squeezed it tightly, mimicking the way she was holding her necklace. And then, in a language I couldn’t recognize, she uttered words I’d heard her say a million times, as if it were a prayer. And in an instant we were engulfed in a sudden strong wind.
“I’m sorry I never believed you” I tried to shout but the wind was too strong for her to hear me but in that instant, we crashed to the ground. I noticed bruises on my arms. She hadn’t lied at all.

A newspaper blew by; close enough for me to grab it.

April 29th, 1870. It read at the top.

This was the proof. All those times she’d disappeared for days on end and I simply thought she’d run away to her boyfriend’s house. But, no, she’d been telling the truth. I had my best friend back. I had my sister.

My sister and I, we’re time travellers now.

And this is how our story began.

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