Fantasies & Fancies

Okay so I changed the name from Jerks & Perks to Fantasies & Fancies because I got a new idea Ally falls asleep on the piano and has a crazy dream


2. Kung fu & King Jew

(In reality) 

Austin: are you ready Dez 

Dez: yes no yes no yes

(Austin knocks him over)

Dez: hey! 

Austin: you said you were ready! Adam please come practice with me 

Adam: no 

Austin: please 

(Adam walks over and flips him) 

Austin: okay ow 

Adam: now keep practicing on Dez 

(goes to Ally's dream)

Austin: Ally I would like you to meet my father king Jew 

Jew: nice to meet you 

Ally: you too 

Jew: Austin why don't you take Ally to pick out a dress 

Austin: that would be lovely come on Ally 

Ally: coming (they leave) 

Ally: your dad is nice 

Austin: yeah I think he likes you 

Ally: what's not to like 

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