Fantasies & Fancies

Okay so I changed the name from Jerks & Perks to Fantasies & Fancies because I got a new idea Ally falls asleep on the piano and has a crazy dream


3. Dancing & Decking

Austin: care to dance? 

Ally: I'd love to 

(they start dancing) 

Dez: aww I have to get a picture 

(Adam and Trish look at eachother) 

Trish: they met yesterday and they already like eachother 

Adam: all I can say is I'm gonna p u k e

Dez: your gonna poop? 

(Adam slaps his forehead)

(Austin and Ally kiss)

(Ally wakes up) 

Ally: nice dream I wonder where Everbody is

(Austin, Dez, Adam, and Trish walk in) 

Ally: hey guys why is Dez's face purple 

Adam: I was teaching Austin karate 

Ally: you can't do karate 

Adam: oh yeah (flips Austin) 

Austin: okay ow! Again!

(Trish punches Dez in the face)

Dez: ow!

Trish: sorry there was a spot that wasn't purple 

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