Fantasies & Fancies

Okay so I changed the name from Jerks & Perks to Fantasies & Fancies because I got a new idea Ally falls asleep on the piano and has a crazy dream


1. Asleep & Awkward

(Ally falls asleep on the piano) 

(fades into her dream) 

Ally: whoa what is this place 

Trish: this is sonic cloud 

Ally: Trish? 

Trish: yes I'm Trish the Angel 

(Adam walks in) 

Trish: Adam meet Ally

Adam: nice to meet you Ally 

Ally: Trish Adam is my brother 

Trish: Adam doesn't have any siblings 

Ally: oh right I'm dreaming 

(Austin walks in) 

Trish: prince Austin just in time 

Austin: Trish who is this 

Trish: that's Ally 

Austin: may I say you are very beautiful 

Ally: thank you 

Austin: would you like to come to a ball with me 

Ally: yes I would love that 

(kisses her cheek)

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