Fantasies & Fancies

Okay so I changed the name from Jerks & Perks to Fantasies & Fancies because I got a new idea Ally falls asleep on the piano and has a crazy dream


4. Asking & Answering

Austin: Ally there's something I need to ask you 

Ally: yeah 

Austin: will you go with me to melody diner tonight? 

Ally: Austin remember how weird we act when we're on dates 

Austin: c'mon Ally please! 

Ally: okay I'll go 

(they walk out)

(Adam runs off) 

Trish: where are you going!

Adam: to puke!


that was my fanfic I plan on doing a series involving all these characters I have already written the first 6 I'm planning on writing 23 I do not own Austin & Ally but I do own Adam Dawson and King Jew

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