I Didnt Ask For This

Ally WAS a normal 14 year old girl, she had schoolgirl crushes, fangirled about the latest boy bands. That all changed in the middle of an ordinary school year, on an ordinary day. That was the day that she found out that she was the sister of the one and only, Harry Styles. Its not really his fault though. Anyway, being picked up by a particular family friend will change her life forever, will ruin her friendships and, make her hated by the whole world.


1. Dares and a New Begining

“Ally, your turn!” Jasmin shouted from across the table. “okay um, Brandon. Truth or dare?” I think everyone saw the mischievous glint in my eyes because everyone else that was playing shared glances and Brandon gulped nervously. “uh, Dare?” he questioned. “YES!” I exclaimed. “crud…” Brandon sighed in defeat. “okay so I dare you to tweet, “I miss my grandma. I want to spend this weekend with her, I wonder if she will be willing to make me some cookies!? And you cant say it was a dare.” I barely finished the sentence before I busted out laughing. “no, nononono. I. Am NOT doing that.” I was still dying. Jasmin decided to be funny and say, “don’t choke” which, made me choke. Once, I finally recovered, “you have to, Boo.” “Boo” was the accidental nickname I gave him one day while we were texting. I have auto-correct to thank for that. “Fine.” He muttered as he pulled out his phone. Once he was done it was his turn. “Ally, choose your death.” He said. “ugh.” Ive been this route before. It was always ,”follow that janitor around miming what he does.” Or “ask Francis if she will go to neverland with you.” “dare.” I confidently say. “kiss me.” Brandon responds. “what!” I shout, a little to loudly. Everyone in the Café starts to stare at us. “You have to Boo.” He mocks. As I lean in to complete the dare my name is called over the intercom. “Ally Weathers, please finish you lunch in the next two minutes, your stuff has already been collected” Jasmin turned to face me again. “what was that about?” she asks. “I don’t know.” I respond as I stand up to throw my trash away. I turn back around only to bump into someone. Being me, I stumble back and hit the floor with my bum. Next thing I know a hand is being held out to me. As I take the hand I realize whos it was. “OH MY GOD! YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON! THE LOUIS THE TOMMO TOMLINSON!” I scream and, fall again. This time Jasmin is by my side as well as the Mr. Tomlinson. Jasmin helps me up this time and grips my shoulder as to hint that I should apologize. ‘’Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Tomlinson” I say. “please, call me Uncle Lou.” This time, I do faint.


“is she dead?” I heard someone ask. “You killed my best friend!” someone else shouted. “who cares. I want my food!” now, that was Brandon. I sit up and almost faint again. “nonono. No more of that Ally.” Mr. Tomlinson said. I was now in some car. I turn and see Jasmin sitting to my left, Brandon to my right and Louis directly in front of me. “um, I think we should tell her.” Brandon blankly states. I turn to Jasmin but, she looked like she could either burst into tears or scream her head off if she were to talk. “Ally, your moving in with me and Harry. I, don’t want to tell you why just yet. I think you need to hear it from your brother himself.” Louis moved out of my direct sight and there sat Harry Styles. “Hi Ally…” Harry waved. I didn’t know what to say, or do or, act. I have dreamed, fangirled and lived to meet Harry. “uh, um, uh,” is all I could get out. “She says hi”, Brandon answered for me as he laced his fingers through mine. It was uncomfortable at first but then I realized that he was jealous.  I used to like Brandon last year and we went out, it only lasted for about a week. He called it off and I was glad for that. I had always just thought of him as a brother. Nothing more.

Someone cleared their throat, Brandon’s hand tightened around mine. Jasmin sighed reading my behavior I think she knew I had spaced out. “Al, its okay. We are just people you know?” Lou said. “well, I don’t know about Louis here but, I wont bite.” Harry winked. “HAROLD!” Louis scolded. I laughed at their childness. I sighed, annoyed.

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