This Summer

There are these two girls named Alyssa, and Alaina. They have been friends since kindergarten, an they are in England for summer break. But I can't tell you anymore so you will have to just read I to find out. Sorry if its not so good it is my very first book. Hope you enjoy Alyssa :)


1. Who are you????

       "Is that who I think it is," asked Alyssa. "Umm I don't know Alyssa but I think it is," said Alaina . We both look each other in the eyes and we both say... "It's Josh Devine!!!!" People just started to stare at us as if we were crazy. "Alaina I think we should just go to at hotel and check i-." I was cut off by a bunch of screaming fans that then I noticed that it was Josh Devine.....




                    Author's Note


sorry it was such a short chapter and I left you hanging but I want to see how many people like it:).


      Love you all. Alyssa ;)













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