This Summer

There are these two girls named Alyssa, and Alaina. They have been friends since kindergarten, an they are in England for summer break. But I can't tell you anymore so you will have to just read I to find out. Sorry if its not so good it is my very first book. Hope you enjoy Alyssa :)


2. Can we plz????



                    I looked over and i realized that Alaina was gone. I started to scram her name when I realized that she was over by Josh Devine and his crew [1d]. So I decided I  should go get her out of that crazy mess with girls pulling each others hairs and throwing fist. I saw Alaina and grabbed her by her wrist "Alaina what do you think you're doing?" I asked her in a serious way."What i can't have any fun and ask them for there autograph,is that a problem huh?" At that point i felt like a complete idiot, for just taking her away from her one and only chance to get there autograph. I looked at her and said "Alaina go I'll stay here and wait for you." "Thank you so much Alyssa, I'll be right back." It was fifteen minutes and she is still not back. So i mine as well keep myself occupied I mine as well just sit down. I sat down and started to listen to music on my I phone, I turned on Pandora and clicked Today's Hit's. The first song to come on was Heart Attack, Demi Lovato. I didn't realized that i was humming to the song until someone taped me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Niall Horan I swear my heart skipped a beat.






                                                                                                                 Author's Note 



                 Hey thank you for all the view's I made this chapter longer just for you guy's there was nothing better hope you like it plz comment.      love you Alyssa .


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