HELLO im lucy lou and im not a fan of this 'big' band one direction my best mate is a directioner i just think they are 5 boys who think they are the best im going to LONDON for a school trip i dont have a good feeling about it though so what do you think is going to go down then ?? xxxx


1. HI!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is lucy lou im 14 and i hate one direction my mate 'chloe' loves them to death im just going to speak my mind i think they are just 5 boys oh sorry men who think they are so amazing yeah some of them are good looking but i dont care about there looks if they are just going to be immature little boys.


so today im going on a school trip i dont have a good feeling about this school trip though,as me and my best friend chloe get on the coach we here screaming coming from the door of the school and chloe we just ignore it and carry on getting on the coach it is a 2 hour drive to the place oh btw we are going to the cinema to watch some sort of scary movie im scareed but not too scared "ALICIA LOOK WHO IS OUT SIDE THE MOVIES AHHH ITS HARRY STYLES"chloe screamed in my ear "YOU DO KNOW HE HAS COME TO GET FEMALE ATTENTION CHLOE" i said she relpied with a simple "NO HE HASNT YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS OF THE GIRLS HE GETS WITH BECA......" she was stopped by mrs groom she said to us"time to get on the coach now and make a good impression to harry styles for the school girls" we nodded and got of the coach them miss called everyone over they where all fan girling over 'harry' i think they said "OK GIRLS AND BOYS THIS IS HARRY STYLES HE IS GOING TO SIT NEXT TO.....UM.......LET ME LOOK.....ALICIA AND CHLOE" "WHAT NO MISS IM FINE SOMEONE ELSE CAN SIT NEXT TO HIM" miss said "nope mr styles has asked to sit next to you to and the rest of the band are sitting inbetween you two as well" could this day get any worse as harry walked passed and said right in my ear "if you get scared you can always hold my hand" i said back sharply"i wont need to i never get scared and i mean NEVER" i walked in and chloe was sat next to niall and zayn and i was sat next to harry and zayn liam was inbetween louis and zayn.the film started and harry tried to steal some of my popcorn i smacked his hand and he said "i paid for it dinlo it is my popcorn" i sharply said back"tell it to someone who cares like um.....niall louis liam or zayn your mate chloe looks like she is having fun with niall she was snogging his face of i grabbed her arm and dragged her to the toilets and harry winked at me and said as i went to walk away"i can do that to you if you want" "i dont want you ok so get over your self not every girl wants to have sex with you or for you to sick your tongue down there through ok so grow up you dick" i shouted as i walked away with chloe right behind me he really pisses me of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                                            hey it me alicia should i carry this on or not because i dont know xx

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