HELLO im lucy lou and im not a fan of this 'big' band one direction my best mate is a directioner i just think they are 5 boys who think they are the best im going to LONDON for a school trip i dont have a good feeling about it though so what do you think is going to go down then ?? xxxx


2. He is a jerk can't you see that!!!!!!

As I reached the toilets Chloe hugged me and said "I can swap places with you if you want" I smiled and said "yes please" we went back in and Harry looked at me I looked down and Chloe went to sit in my place but I pushed her to her proper space she looked at me funny but just ignored it i whispered to Harry "im sorry i overreacted and im sorry you where just trying to be ni......" I was cut of by Harry's lips touching mine I kissed back and then ran out crying he ran after me grabbed my arm and said "why are you runny away from me " I just cried he wrapped me in his arms "do you want to come back to my hotel" I nod and we walk and in hand.......xx

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