Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


3. C h a p t e r T w o

My tears resembled the rain drops falling down the window paynes of my living room windows as I was thinking back over all my memories of Harry . Good and Bad .. I had just gotten back from a recording session it was four so basically I had an early session . I had worn one of my favourite outfits .

 I decided I'd go upstairs and take a bath ..

I waltzed upstairs singing Little Bird by Ed Sheeran .

Strolling into the bathroom I turned on the bath and stripped .

I decided to post a picture on twitter .





"Thought you'd be in here !" Justin said as he barged in through the bathroom door .

I may have left out the tiny detail that one of my best friends are Justin Bieber ...

"Justin A) What are you doing here ? And B) Look away I'm pretty sure your bitch wouldn't like you staring ! "

Justin handed me a towel and looked away .

"Hey that's not very nice ! And you're coming to my performance in Madison Square Gardens tonight !"

"Buutt Jussstttiinnn !"

"Buutt Freeyyaaa !"

"Depends who else is performing ? "

"Taylor Swift and direction .." He muttered the last part .

"Justin no .. that's the band Harry's in .."

"You don't have to talk to him !"

"If I don't have to look at him either .. Fine ."

"Yes !"

"I'm too soft with you !"

"Just go get ready and do all your girl stuff !"

"You go watch TV or something !"

"Kay .."

I ran to my room picking out an outfit.


I grabbed my leather jacket and slipped it on .

I ran down stairs to Justin .


I had a feeling I'm going to bump into Harry .. was I honestly ready to meet again ? ..


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