Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


4. C h a p t e r T h r e e

"Ready !" I said loud enough for Justin to hear as I walked down stairs in black Skinny jeans with black lace top and some wedges . I dropped my leather jacket on the couch and sat next to Justin .

"You ready yeah ?"

"Mmhmm." I muttered back .

"Well let's go then !"

Justin pulled me up . i grabbed my leather jacket and my black clutch bag .

We walked out towards his car . Once I was in . I strapped my belt and turned on the radio . A song myself and Justin had realesed as a duet had come on ! I started singing my part and Justin sang his . He probably looked insane as we were dancing and everything ..

"Are we there yet ?"

"No .."

"How much longer ?"

"Uhh I don't know ! like five more minutes !"


I honestly am not ready to see Harry again .. What if he dosen't recognise me ? Well I guess I'm screwed anyway ..


I was deep in my thoughts when someone opened the car door ..

"Are you going to get out or what ?"

"Oh .. yeah ... sorry .."

"Look I'm sorry for dragging you here ."

"It's fine but .. I'm worried I honestly don't think I'll be able for Harry .. What if I snap at him ."

"Freya .. I promise you'll be fine ! If I had known you when that happened he'd have no balls right now ! If you crack or lose it or something .. it's understandable ! He was a dick to you ! He deserves it .."

I nodded my head and we began walking towards the back entrance .

We got to Justins dressing room and I threw myself on the couch .

"Well I better get ready ."

"That would be the smart thing to do .."

Justin started stripping but I stopped him by pushing him behind a screen .

"Well I don't want to se you stripping ."

"Oh but I can watch you get out of the bath yeah ?"

"You turned away ! That's different ."

"Right so .."


"Fine just calm your tits !"

"My tits are very calm and humble thank you !"

I sat down and started fidgeting with the end of my top until Justin was ready .

A woman dressed in black came in and Told Justin he had to go to side stage .

I followed behind Justin . At the Side of the stage I bumped into another close friend Cara .

"CARA !"


"I know !"

"Erm .. I guess you realise Harry and his band are here yeah ?"

"Yeah .. I do .."

"Oh Hi Justin !"

"Hey !"

Just as Justin walked onstage a boy with bleached blonde hair started staring at us , his mouth slightly hanging open . He was talking with two other boys . One had brown hair with chocolate brown eyes . The other had darker hair and hazel eyes with a tanner complection .

"Oh my god is - is that really them ?" Said the boy with blonde hair .

"i think so .."

Then realisation washed over me . They were in ..One Direction .. Oh my god ..

"Esme there's three of them over there."

"Wha- Oh fuck it .."

They all began to walk towards us . Well except for the blonde one . He did a sort of skip thing .

"Hi Freya ! I'm Niall ! I'm your biggest fan! And I love your music too Cara !"

"Aww thanks Niall ! You're all in One Direction right ? You're really good singers !"

"Oh my god she said we're all good singers !"

I giggled and the others introduced themselves .

"Hello love , I'm Liam ." He said with a wide smile .

I smiled back being the polite person I am .

"Hey I'm Zayn . Your music's cool ." He said with a smirk .

"Thanks Zayn ." I said giving him a wink .

Niall's stomach made a noise that sounded like a dying whale .

"Dude you okay there ?"

"NO ! I'm hungery !"

"Freya did you not bring food ?"

"I did cause I love it that much !"

I pulled a doughnut in a plastic bag out of my bag and handed it to Niall .

"HOW DID YOU FIT IT IN THERE ?" Niall shouted .

"It's a top secret that can only be shared between girls !"

Niall laughed and shoved it in his mouth .

"Thanks !" He said his mouth stuffed .

Just then two other boys walked towards us .

I turned to Cara .

"Cara I seriously can't do this .."

"Look at me Freya .. I know you can ! If you get pissed we can leave then ."

She gave me a reassuring smile .

I plastered a smile on my face and turned to face the boys .

"Oh my god ! You're Freya Flynn! Eleanor , my girlfriend is a huge fan !"

"Yeah so is Perrie ." Zayn added .

"I'M LOUIS !" Said the boy who just spoke .

"Hey Louis !" I said smiling at him .

I looked over at Harry and took a deep breath .

"Hi Harry .." I said giving him a sour look .

"Freya ..." He mumbled looking guilty.

"Umm ..Is there something we should know ? " Liam questioned .

"Why didn't you tell them Harry ?"

"Tell us what ?" Louis asked .

"Why don't you tell them Harry .."

"umm .. I .. I dated .. Freya .."

"WHEN ?" Niall shouted .

"Before .. Before .. X-Factor ."

"I'll finish up Harry .. I moved to Holmes Chapel when I was six-teen to get away from my Dad and after six-months of knowing Harry he decided to date me for a bet of seventy pounds . He told me on our five month anniversary .."

Everyone looked astonished . I'm not sure if they were in shock of how Bitchy I could be or how much of a dick Harry could be . "

"I - I have to go .." I stuttered .

I began to run . I ran out of the building . I began to walk moderatly fast towards a low wall . I sat on it and took out my ciggarettes and my lighter . I lit it and put it straight in between my lips .


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