Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


12. C h a p t e r T e n

"I'm back !"Harry shouted as he walked in .

I jumped off the couch at the sound of his voice. I looked over my shoulder . Harry was cracking up from the sight of me being scared shitless.

"You scared the fuck out of me Harry !"

"I know haha ."

We walked over to the couch where I was watching The Incredibles .

"Freya seriously The Incredibles ?"

"Yes seriously ! I love this movie !"

"I know you do !"

"Then shut your mouth and watch it with me !!"

Harry surrendered and sat down with me . After a while he decided to pull the 'Yawn and put your arm over the girls shoulder ' trick .

"Harry you are so lame .."

"Hey I just want to let you know .. If you were a triangle you'd be an a-cute one !"

I rolled my eyes and the movie came to an end .

"What do you wanna do now ?" I asked .

Harry raised his eyebrows and had a grin on his face .

"Oh my god Harry seriously ? No sex ! Well not now ..maybe later .."

The biggest smile appeared on his face .

"I HAVE AN IDEA !" I yelled.

"Calm down! And what ?"

"We can make a list !"

"Of what ?"


"Okay !"

I ran around the house falling over everything , looking for markers and coloured paper and scissors and god knows what !

"Okay so what towe have to do as a couple ?" Harry asked .

"We have to ..Bake cookies, kiss at the top of a ferris wheel, lie in the street at two am while it's snowing, watch clouds, build a fort , go to the beach , make halloween cupcakes ! Write a song , get kicked out of a cinema , kiss in the rain , go skinny dipping, play just dance , draw eachother , have a food fight ! Go camping with friends , do all of those Bloody Mary dare things .. Write our own love story ..."

I saw Harry having difficulties with memorising everything I just said so I had to repeat my self slower .

"Can we do any of these now ?" Harry asked .

"We can either.. Build a fort , draw eachother , play just dance 4 or Do all that bloody Mary stuff !"

"How about we build a fort and draw eachother inside the fort then we play just dance !"

"Sure !"

"Wait for another day for the bloody mary thing !"

I nodded and we both grabbed two kitchen chairs . I signalled for Harry to get two more. We dragged them into the living room and put them in a square sequence. I ran upstairs and got some blankets . We draped them over the chairs and it looked a bit like a tent .We took the last few pieces of plain paper and took some pencils. We began to draw eachother .

"Done !" Harry exclaimed as we both finished up ..

I started laughing at Harry's lame attempt to draw me .

"What I'm not gifted in the arts like you are !"

I showed Harry mine and he sat there.

"Why are you so good at drawing ?"

"How am I supposed to know ?"

We just laughed it off and decided to play JUST DANCE 4 .

I will admit I get very competitive .


Harry walked closer and pulled me in smirking as he smashed his lips against mine. Everytime we even touch I feel sparks and the whole shibang.. (shibang ? Ugh my mum's getting to me..)

"I think we both won .." He said after he pulled away.

I nodded .

"We better go to bed if we want to catch the plane tomorrow .. "
I looked at the clock on the wall . It was One AM .

I grabbed Harry's hand and struted my stuff upstairs.

"SO ! Do you want to sleep in my bed .. or ?"


"No funny business though .." I winked at him .

"I'd never !" He laughed .

I strolled to my bedroom on my tip toes . I ran my fingers along the cream coloured walls. I walked into my closet and got out a white tank top along with a pair of hot pink hot pants and a matching hoody from Victoria's Secret.

Harry was already changed and lying on the bed waiting for me as I came out of my walk in closet .

I sat on the bed next to him and he took my hand and kissed it .

"Do you know how much I love you ?" I asked.

He shook his head. I lunged on top of him and began kissing him while I ran my fingers through his curls . He began kissing my neck roughly leaving hickeys and god knows what.. I moved from beside him onto his lap . He flipped me over and ripped off my shorts messing with the hem of my underwear. He slowly unzipped my hoody . It was almost painful . "You're such a tease !" I said as I ripped off my hoody .I was left  with nothing . Let me say that night .. was . incredible ...


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