Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


7. C h a p t e r S i x

I slowly opened the door to a frustrated looking Sue . Sue's my manager . She's a great one at that ! She wants to know my opinion and stuff . I didn't get as much freedom with my last manager so I sacked her .. Oops ..

"Freya get dressed LA has something he needs to speak to you about. Hurry on !"

"Kay .. Come in so !"

I let her in and strutted up the stairs. Out of all the crew and managment I'm closest to LA , Sue and Kye ! Kye is like my tour Mum / Sister . She does my make up , Hair , she's my stylist and she treats me like a sister ! Sue tells me to go to bed if I have a show the next day because I always end up on Twitter or looking at fanfictions.

I quickly got dressed into

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I ran down stairs and Sue was at the door waiting for me . She opened the door and I shut it closed . I sprinted to Sue's car . Getting in the passenger's side. I put on my belt and waited for her . It wasn't long until we came to the studio's . We strolled to reception linking arms. Smiling as we power walked to LA's office .

We knocked at the door and was told to come in. We sat down in two of the several chairs placed in th office .

"Nice to see you Freya !"

"Nice to see you too !" I smiled politly.

"We're just waiting on five others."

I nodded my head . No it won't be the boys immpossible !

All of a sudden they pilled through the door sitting on random chairs .

"Freya !" Niall smiled .


"Well you're probably wondering why i asked you all here .." LA trailed off .

"Yeah." We all said in unison .

"Well I have been speaking to Simon Cowell and we agreed it'd be best if Freya dated one of you five .."

I gave a Da Fuq face .

"What ?!" I said louder than I should've.

"Well Which one of you boys are up for it ?"

"Sorry but I have a girlfriend ,Eleanor. " Louis stated .

"And I have Perrie !" Zayn added .

"I have Danielle .." Liam said happily .

"Freya take your pick .. Niall or Harry ?"

"Why do I have to choose ? I'm not choosing !"

"Fine you'll go with Harry so .."

"Wh- Why- When - Why ?"

Harry looked offended and Niall looked just plain upset ..

"Fine .." I sighed knowing I couldn't argue ..

We were told we could go and I walked out . I threw my bag over my shoulder .

"Hey girlfriend are we still on for tonight ?"

"Yeah .." I nodded my head .

"But Cara's coming too!" I added ..

"Kay .. But right now I'm taking you for coffee."

I grabbed his hand considering we're 'together' now . He wrapped his arm around my waist instead and kissed my forehead.

"I missed you so much .. So much ." He stated .

"I missed you too Harry ..." I trailed off .

Papparazzi were already outside .

"Ah fuck it !" I said giggling .

We ignored them and strolled towards his car .

"So what ? You're ninteen now Yeah ?" I asked .

"Yeah that would make you eighteen !" He exclaimed .


We turned on his car radio and the song 'Still Into You' By Paramore came on .

"Oh my god seriously ?" I asked to no one in particular .

"What?" Harry questioned with a puzzled look on his face as he started the car .

"I think the song kinda fits the situation a little too perfectly listen to the lyrics .. I should be over all the butterflies . I'm into you , I'm into you . And baby even on the worst nights I'm in to you , I'm into you . Let them wonder how we got this far 'cause I don't even need to wonder at all . After all this time ,I'm still into you .."

"So you're still into me ?"

"The song is perfect from YOUR point of view Styles.."

"Whatever you say .."

We laughed and talked to eachother about what's happened to us since the occourance.

We reached Starbucks and he opened my door for me .

I got out and Harry took my hand. I'll admit everyone was staring but we honestly didn't care.

"Cappucino with extra foam and a banana and walnut muffin ? "Harry asked.

"And you still know my order ?"

"Yep !"

I laughed and tried to pay for myself.

"NO! I'm paying ! You're my girlfriend remember !"

"I rememeber !"

"Good so you know you're mine and only mine ?"

I nodded my head and gave him a peck on the cheek .

"Is that all I get ?"

"For now !" I winked at him.

He huffed and we got our orders and sat down .

"Well Freya I'm only here for the next few let's make the most of it ! I'll still visit and you can come visit !"
"Yeah.. I honestly will miss you Harry .."

"I'll miss you a thousand times more !"

"Not possible !" I sipped my coffee and nibbled at my muffin.

After an hour we decided to go to central park .

We just went on all the ride things in the playground. Then he dropped me home.

"Thanks for today Harry .." I said bitting my lip.

"No problem Babe ! I'll see you tonight !"

I nodded . He leaned in for a kiss. I found myself leaning in too. It felt as if it was in slow motion . I could feel his hot breath against my lips . He pulled me in closer than before and crashed his lips against mine. I snaked my arms around his neck as the kiss got deeper. I couldn't help but smile as he snuck his arm around my waist. I really obviously did still love Harry .. We both pulled away.

"I really missed that .." He laughed rubbing his lips.

"Yeah I did too .. " I bit the inside of my cheeks.




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