Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


8. C h a p t e r S e v e n

"Hold on , Hold on I'm freaking coming alright Cara ?"

I opened the door and Cara walked in with two big bags .

"Jesus what do you need to get ready ?"

"Shut up !"

I threw my hands up in defence and shut the door .

I walked up to my room and we began to get ready.

After two hours of getting ready and helping Cara get ready we were finally ready .

I wore a hot pink body con dress , a pair of pink heels and some gold jewelery.

I did smokey eyes and nude lips on myself. Cara wore a black dress, Siver jewelry and Black heels. She also did smokey eyes but with red lips.




"I'll get it it's probably the lads!"

I ran to the door triping on my heels and falling straight on my face , making a loud thud.

"Ugh it's open..."

Then all of a sudden all five boys walked in .

"Wow Freya you're sober and you're already falling over . Imagine you later !" Zayn laughed. I stuck my tounge out at him as Harry helped me up.

"I'll go get Cara !" I exclaimed.

I ran to my room.

"Cara get your pedo face down now ! Or we're leaving without you !"

"Fine I'm coming calm your tits!" She said as we reached the end of the steps.

We strolled of to the boys.

"My tits are very calm and humble thank you very much!" I said turning to face her.

The boys laughed and we all piled into Louis' car.

Liam was in the front with Louis . Zayn , Niall and Harry were in the back .

"where are we gonna sit ?" I questioned .

"On us ! Duh !"Niall said patting his lap .

Cara went around to the other side and slipped onto Zayn's lap.

I went to sit on Harry's but Niall pulled me off Harry's lap and onto his. three minutes passed and we hadn't even started the car yet due to Niall and Harry.

"Look !"

I sat on Niall and threw my legs over Harry.

"BUT YOU'RE MY GIRLFRIEND!" Harry exclaimed.

"And you get me like 99% of the time anyway !"

Harry sighed and gave in tracing the tattoo on my foot. A small one that said Darling with a heart on the i .

"We're here !" Louis said after fifteen minutes.

We parked and Niall helped me out.

I linked with Harry and Niall as we strolled up towards the door.

"This is where Cara and I usually go , Santo's Party house !"

I walked up to the bouncer and gave him three hundred dollars.

"Are they with you Ms.Flynn?"

"Yeah .."

"Right this way !"

"Come on guys !"

We walked down the steps. I walked over to the bar with everyone.

"A round of shots please Emma !"

"No problem Freya !" I got out my money and payed while no one was looking .

"Here you go !"

"thanks Em!"

Everyone took two shots each and we were off.

I was probably wasted as I took like three more shots... After gaining my balance again I made my way do the dance floor.

After a while I felt two arms wrap around me but they weren't Harry's . I turned around to see a very wasted Niall.

"Niall come on leave go .. I'm with Harry !"

"But harry's off with some Bimbo !" He said pointing to Harry.

"I love you so much Freya!" Niall exclaimed.

I thought nothing of it as he was drunk and well when you're drunk you're stupid ..

I decided to make Harry jealous and dance with Niall.

He eventually noticed and stormed over.

"Get the fuck off my girlfriend !"

"You were off with that bimbo !"

Harry growled at Niall and Niall walked away .

"Now I have you too myself ..."

I giggled and hiccuped at the same time.

Harry crashed his lips to mine but not in a passionate way more of a rough , hungry one. After that eveything was black ....



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