Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


2. C h a p t e r O n e

It's been three years since I've last seen Harry ... When ever I even here his name I die a little inside . I guess I should just smile because it happened .. and not cry because it's over .. I guess in a way everything got better . After the break up my youtube videos were finally noticed .. I'm now signed to LA Reids record company .. I did a huge move from Holmes Chapel to New York .. I actually moved to Holmes chapel when I was sixteen to get away from my family .. My dad in particular .. My dad was a big drinker so I moved from Limerick (Which is in Ireland) all the way to Holmes Chapel .. 

I'm now a world famous singer and Harry is in a band by the name 'One Direction' . I actually am genuinly happy for him .. He aditioned for X factor around the same time I got noticed ..


                                                ... FLASH BACK ...



I was lying in bed smiling at the realisation that it was Harry and I's five month anniversary . All of a sudden my phone rang . I jumped at the sudden outburst of song playing from my phone snapping me out of my thoughts .

"Hello ?"

"Hey babe .. Can you come over ? Hurry .."

"Okay .."

"Bye .."

With that he hung up .. I didn't mind walking to harry's considering he lived maybe Twelve doors down from me at the most .

I got up and quickly stripped to get in the shower .

I fell because I was rushing so I slipped on all the water .. I didn't care about the forming bruise on my back .. I blow dried my hair and quickly put on my Outfit ..

I ran out the door and shut it behind me sprinting towards Harry's house . I finally reached it , knocking on the door as I waited patiently for him to answer . To my surprise Anne opened the door .

"Oh hello Freya ! Come in ! " She said a bit worried .

""Erm Hi , thanks !"

"Harry's in the living room ." She said giving me a hug .

Anne was always like a mother to me . From the moment I'd moved here .

Harry was the first friend I made . We got so close after a few months .

Anne let go giving me a weak smile . I smiled back and walked cautiously into the living room . Harry was deep in thought when I sat down next to him .

"Earth to Harold !" I said giggling .

He laughed and then turned to face me .

"Freya I .. I have something to tell you but first please take it into consideration that I love you and I .. I was stupid and it was before I knew I loved you as more than a friend !"

"Harry where are you going with this ? " I asked totally confused .

"Freya .. I .. I dated you .. for a bet BUT KNOW I KNOW I HONESTLY DO LOVE YOU !" He said tears streaming down his face .

"What ? Your a pig .. How much was the bet for ?" I asked trying to stay calm .

"Sev-Seventy pounds ..But I love you .."


He just sat there ashamed of himself .

"You know what Harry ? I'm leaving just forget all of this .. don't bother calling .. don't look at me .."

"Freya please .." He said following me to the front door .

"Harry ..I'm not just walking out the door .. I'm walking out of your life aswell ... " I said tears falling ..

"No .. Freya .. Please .. I need you .."

"Well .. It's a bit late for that Harry .. I loved you so much .. I guess we aren't meant for eachother ..Goodbye .."

With that I walked out the door .. Leaving Harry behind ..

I ran .. ran as fast as my legs could carry me . Everything was blurry .. I felt like my heart was just ripped out . It started raining and I just slowed down .. My make up was probably ruined anyway .. I finally came to my house . I flung open the door and ran upstairs . I threw myself on my bed and continued to cry .

An hour past and I finally stopped crying .


                                       ...FLASH BACK OVER ...



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