Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....


17. C h a p t e r F o u r t e e n

"Maybe you could give me the tour of the house now ..." I said biting my lip.

"Sure and we start in the bedroom.."

Harry picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He looked at my lips and crashed his against mine , both our lips moving in perfect syncronization.

He tore his lips off mine and began sucking my neck occasionally biting.

"Mmmhmm Harry.."

He smirked and started to move towards the bedroom still holding me in his arms.

We made it up the stairs and then crashed into something. We heard a loud thud and turned around to face what had fallen. A painting had fallen right off the wall and onto the floor . I looked at Harry and giggled.

"I'll fix it later.." He mumbled as we approached the bedroom. He re-attched his lips to my neck . Swiftly moving back to my lips. As we found our ay in he threw me on the bed . Shortly followed by him ripping my dress off.

He slipped one of his large hands into my underwear quickly shoving two fingers in and out. I began to moan while tugging at his shirt.

He took his hands out and stripped. Let's just say it was more like a tour of Harry rather than the house..






The time with Harry in England flew by ! I met Anne again when we visited her in Holmes Chapel. We went through Harry's baby photos again aswell. I slagged Harry the whole car ride back.


Sorry it's so short ! The rest of it will be a bit delayed xxx

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