Pretend We Never Met

What if Harry Styles dated you for a bet ? What if after three years you meet again ? What if Niall Horan is secretly in love with you ? What if you were a world famous singer ? Well for Freya Flynn .. This is all reality ....



Hi guys ! Diectioners ,Dudes, Dudettes , Whores , Sluts .. Whatever you call yourselves ! I just wanted to say thank you for getting tis story to 200 reads , 62 hearts and like 90 favourite lists ! I never imagined it would get even this far !!! And just to say if you're ever bored or have any ideas for Pretend We Never Met you can text me on Kik : HaroldsHipstaFreya

Or Direct message me on Twitter : @RealFreyaFlynn

I'd love to know your ideas or questions about it ! I'll try my best to answer !!

Love .. Freya :)


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