you scare me

i know youve probs heard about dark well this is my version with harry but dont worry its not going to be the exact same , but they meet the same
chloe was 18 and was out with her friends , when a mstry boy wanted to dance , but can she ever say no to him ? this boy is a very protective will she see threw his fighting and bad past to see his nice side?


1. why is he staring ?

i walked into the club trying to find my friends there was smoke in the air cans on the floor , people grinding against each other snogging each others face off  i looked around i couldn't find them any where , then a curly boy was staring at me i looked away quickly he looked bad news , shit he was coming over keep it together Chloe  ... " hey wanna dance?" the curly head asked " ermm i cant i have to find my friends im already late sorry " i lied i was actually 10 mins early i started to walk away trying to drink away my scared ness , then somthing grabed my wrist and tugged me towards them and i was being tuged i spilt my drink over some girl who grinding over some boy " shit" i whisper to my self , the curly head was looking at me with an un readable face then i turned back to the girl then bang every thing went black " fuck " i say as everything starts to go black 

~harrys flat ~ 

harrys pov

i hardly know this girl and i want to make her mine i could tell she was scared of me i saw it in her eyes she was beautiful her blonde hair blue eyes if you saw her in the club you would think she was one of the girls who just  danced with any boy but when she refussed me anger bolied threw me  and when i saw more boys eyeing her up i knew she had to be mine !

" eurg" i heard her moan 

chloes POV

ow my head and my face stung like mad i looked around i diddnt see any one and plus i diddnt reconize where i was ? where am i ? 




" i have to go " i say a bit too  loud  ," no stay ?" i hear a familer voice.. curly,. " no really i have to go" i say really frightened "no your staying" he says in a intimidating voice " no " i say i grab my stuff and run i don't know where i was ,.. the park recognized that park from any where!! i run and i  turn right when i hear foot steps behind me .. shit ..


i feel like my life depends on it " stop!" curly growls im now backed up against the wall no where to got " whats your name?" he asks me like nothing just happend .." Chloe  i say more scared then you can imagain " harry " he steps closer hugging me .. why was he hugging me  i diddnt hug him back , BIG mistake .. he starts to bit down on my neck sucking , Chloe don't moan .. " wh wha why?" i stutter " your mine now " he says with a smile " im not yours" i spat , another mistake " what?! yes you are , come on let me take you home" i nodde in agreement , witch was a bad idea now he will know where i like "wait.. i can walk " i say trying to get up off the bench  i was now sitting on  " hey dont be stupid ," he paused" you dont want me knowing where you live do you?" he asked angrily i nodded , he grabed both of my wrists " now where do you live ?" he said grabbing my wrists tigter and tigter , till i screamed , harry looked at me shoocked then looked at my wrists " chloe ...i .. i just wanted to bring to home ?2 he said still lok=oking at my wrists behind my back and started walking my house was literlary like 15 steps away , i looked back and saw harry with his head in his hands and what looked like he was trying to figure out what he did , i ran to my house and opend my door and i saw my mum " oh .. hey .. mum " i said trying to hide my wrists .. shit my neck i grabbed my hair and pulled it round " hey hunny how was your night " she said not even looking up " instresting " i said as i walked up the stairs " night mum " i got to my room and looked in the mirror i was a wrek already , my phone beeped ' where are you?' sophie texted .. 

' i had to go home i .. sort of got punched in the face ., sorry :) x'

she diddnt answer after that then my phone beebed again 

' im taking you out tomoz dress swimzy ;) h'

 how did harry get his number on my phone his name was ' the sex legend aka hare bear' like wtf ?

' why ..' i texted back , i cant swim this is going to be fun .... 

' just do it .. wear a nice bikini ;) x h ' 

i sighed and started to get un dressed as i got in my pjs i saw harry still on the bench just a diffrent poistion his phone in his hand and he sat more straight 


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