you scare me

i know youve probs heard about dark well this is my version with harry but dont worry its not going to be the exact same , but they meet the same
chloe was 18 and was out with her friends , when a mstry boy wanted to dance , but can she ever say no to him ? this boy is a very protective will she see threw his fighting and bad past to see his nice side?


2. the date

as i got into bed my phone vibrated again 

' why was you staring at me? '

ermm , what do i reply ... nothing 

i go to sleep and wake up the next morning at 9 am " yawn" i saw whilst walking down stairs " you aright mum?" 

" mm" was the only responce i got " well i going somewhere today so im gonna go get ready .."  i said .... i diddnt care if my mum ignored me it just means i get to do what i want 

" what ever ..." she paused " cant you see im fucking reading?!!!" she yelled throwing her magizin in the air , i nodded and ran up stairs " chloe..." i heard my mum whisper .. she hated shouting at me but she just some times couldnt help it ..

i started to get ready ,  i decided tro wear my bright pink bikini i dont know why i have swim suits when i cant swim ?

so i put on my bikini , then some holister shorts and just some random t-shirt with hearts on 

there was a knock , i grabed my bag and phone and ran with my TOMS in my hand  i opend the door 

" hello baby " harry said huskily i looked him up and down ... he had bruises on his nuckles , he saw me staring "  well come on then ?" i walked with him to his car " so .. where are we going ?" " now you will just have to find out wont you ?..." he replied 

 scared .. no chloe stop being scared of him he cant do nothing or can he ... 

i starred out the window the whole drive harry tried touching my thigh but i smaked his hand away looking out the window once again " why are you scared of me ?" , what why is he asking me this " because your harry styles the bad boy , im just chloe the inocent girl ... and any way how did you get those bruised " i say pointing to his nuckled " now why are you in my business  ?" 


" why are you in mine ?" i replied queit scared of his next move ..

" because your mine now .." he replied 

im no one what is he on about " i dont belong to any one " i mubled but he heard her stopped the car at a beach 

no fuck .... i cant swim 


"So come on then .." he said giving me his hand i refussed his hand and tried to get out of the car ... its locked wtf ... he opend the car door moments later " what do hink im gonna do run away ?" i asked he chuckled and put his hand round my waist i flinched at his touch " come on strip .." i looked at him as his words came out of his mouth he say my expression " not in that way but i wouldnt mind .." he trailed off with me turning away walking to the changing rooms " where you going ?" he asked me " changing rooms ?" " no here " i turned again " no there " i said with a smirk he grabed my wrists i get so scared when he does this .." change " " harry.." " change " he repeated .." fine .." i mumbled he was trying to help me out of my clothes but i shot him a look ,  a scared look he knew to back off .. i got undressed the next thing i knew was harry picking me up bridel style " harry .. wait !" too late he threw me in the sea .. no im going to drown i should have told him i couldnt swim im soo stupid , you stupid girl i said trying to kick it wasnt working i was sinking , how did harry throw me this far ?

harrys POV 

" harry..wait!" haha too late i threw he in .. i waited then relished she hadnt come up let , fuck no! i was looking around i saw her hair near the top i dived down and picked her out of the water breath chloe breath!!

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