you scare me

i know youve probs heard about dark well this is my version with harry but dont worry its not going to be the exact same , but they meet the same
chloe was 18 and was out with her friends , when a mstry boy wanted to dance , but can she ever say no to him ? this boy is a very protective will she see threw his fighting and bad past to see his nice side?


3. authors note ;)

hey guys chloe here .. yes i named my charecter after me judge dont care 

 any whoo .. how do you guys like the story so far? is harry going to get angry at her for not telling him she cant swim ? 

well any way .. i wanted a contest for zayns gf ? any one just add your description in the comment box and your name and stuff about you and i will just pick the one i like the best :) 

bye my carrots


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