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2. Danica and Louis

   Louis and I have been dating now for 8 months. I have enjoyed every minute of those 8 months with him. I was just an ordinary fan until we met face to face. We started hanging out more and more. We  got to know each other and eventually we hooked up together and here we are now. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Some day, We plan on getting married. We just don't know when though. I was in my living room texting Louis. He told me that he wanted to Skype. I quickly got out my laptop and went on Skype. I Skype called him.

Louis: Hey Babe.

Me: Hey My Lou.

Louis: So. I wanted to show you something.

Me: Okay. What is it?

Louis: Open your  front door.

Me: My front door?

Louis: Yes Your front door. I got to go.

  *Hangs up Skype*

 I was confused. I put my laptop down and went to open my front door. I opened my door and Louis stood there. He kneeled down on one knee pulling something from behind him.

Louis: Danica, Will you do me the honors and be my wife?

I stood there, Shocked about what he just asked me. He looked up at me smiling while holding the ring out in front of me. I nodded my head starting to cry.

Me: Yes. Yes. Yes!! I will marry you!

 He smiled big and jumped up and hugged me. Louis put the ring around my ring finger and pulled me into another hug. He picked me up and swung me around twice. He put me down than pulled me back in again to kiss me. I was so full of joy and excited I knew this day would come.

Louis: Look, I know you don't want to get married right away. So, until then. Keep this ring and when you are ready, We will get married. Okay? -He smiled-

Me: Okay. That sounds great. I love you Lou.

Louis: I love you too Danica.

*Author's Note* This is for Danica! We hope you like it a lot. Sorry it took so long to write it. We were all really busy. So we apologize for that little flaw. :)

~Niall'sWifeKenzie~ LilyRox132 & DjMaMaInfinity <3 :D

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