The dream

Just a random story that I wrote.


1. Chapter 1

I am breathing very heavily because I am running. I have been running for so long I can not even remember when I started running. I don’t know why but I do know that if I stop I won’t be able to go on. I think I lost my memory also because the only things that I remember are my name, and when I was born. My name is Alyssa. I was born on April 13th, 2064. I am 16 years old, I think I am 16 at least. I see the trees with their crimson leaves flying behind me as I am running. I feel as if I am a bird about to take flight. the forest ends, but I close my eyes and keep running. All of a sudden I open my eyes and I am falling. I hit the ground hard. So hard that I should not have survived, but I feel perfectly fine.I look up squinting at the sun and the cliff that I had just fallen off of.Then I turn around and survey my surroundings. I think that I am in a town. Hmmm.... nobody is here, where are they? I ask myself quietly.When all of a sudden I hear shouts, they seem to be coming from the center of the town. I slowly make my way to where the noises are but being careful to stay in the shadows.  When I get there I see that it is a town meeting. I skirt around the outside of the meeting and hide behind a barrel. I see children with their parents. All of a sudden I see a little girl staring at me. I would rather be in the forest right now. I notice how the little girl has such amazingly bright blue eyes with beautiful blonde hair. When she stands it looks as if she is going to take off running at any second. She puts one finger to her lips as if to tell me to wait then she says “wait here i’ll come get you after everybody leaves.” I then mouth the word OK. I seems like 5 minutes later when someone is shaking me yelling at me to wake up. I open my eyes and see my mom standing over me. I am in my bed. Was it all a dream? My mom is telling me that if I don’t get up I am going to be late to school. I mumble “ OK” then get out of bed. I guess I forgot to turn my alarm clock on. I go to py dresser and start rummaging through it for something to wear. I end up wearing purple skinny jeans,black converse and a black shirt that says aeroposatle on it. I go down stairs grab a pop tart and my backpack and walk to school I see a tree that would be easy to climb so I climb it and eat my pop tart. I lean my head against the tree and close my eyes. I see the little girl again even though I am not asleep. I open my eyes and get down from the tree and go to school.

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