The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


5. There is nothing better then home

Nothing special happened after the meeting; he just sat in his car and rode home. Even though it took him a very long time to travel, he has decided that he is not going to stop for anything but car fuel. He was way too scared to sleep so he was not at all tired during his ride.

When he arrived home, it was already very dark; he parked his car in the garage and started walking to the front door of the house. As he walked past the bushes, which were growing in the garden, he noticed some kind of movement inside them. He came closer to look in between the branches he has notice a hairy black being with sharp teeth. John backed off and started heading faster and faster towards the front door. The being looked at him and after a few seconds of total silence it jumped on to John, creating massive movement in the bushes and putting John on the floor. John was terrified; he did not know what was happening. All he could do was just to close his eyes and wait.

After a few seconds he felt something wet and sticky all over his face. He opens his eyes and sees his dog – Blimp, licking his face. It was indescribable how happy he was to see Blimp. John got up, rubbed Blimp’s saliva from his face with his sleeve and started to pet Blimp.

To express its happiness the dog started to bark at the main door. “This will wake up Jessy for sure.”  John thought. He was right, in a matter of seconds the lights went on, first in his wife’s room, then in the corridor and at last downstairs near the entrance.

The sound of the keys turning in the key hole stopped Blimp from barking and made him sprint towards the door. When the door opened Blimp ran inside the house, Jessy was hugging John.

“Billy, come down stairs, your daddy is here” Jessy called her five year old son, who was already looking from the top of the staircase.

Billy sprinted towards John saying “Daddy, daddy!” and crushed into John’s knees hugging him. John thought “There is nothing better than home.”

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