The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


7. The warning

In the evening John went to bed very early as he was extremely tired and wanted to fully recover over the weekend. He slept for the night and when he woke up it was already day time.

He looked at his watch and decided to get out of bed as it was already 10:34. He went to brush his teeth and smelt the fresh smell of pancakes. John just loved pancakes and as soon as he finished brushing his teeth he rushed downstairs shouting “Jessy, did you cook my favorite pancakes?”

Jessy does not answer. He enters the kitchen and sees the pancakes on the table, but Jessy is not there. He starts looking for her around the house, but does not notice her or Billy. John then hears Blimp barking from the basement.

When John comes closer to the basement’s door he notices it being open and sees the dagger he found yesterday, covered in blood, lying on the rock stairs, that are leading to the basement.

John picks up the dagger screaming terrified “Jessy, arrreee you therrree!!?”

There is now answer, only the sound of a pumpkin being split in half. “No it was no pumpkin, it feels like a head being pulled off some one’s head” John though and got even more scared.

Then John heard an evil laugh followed by “I did not manage to kill you, but I will kill your family and you can do nothing about it!” John then noticed the man he saw on the business meeting last Friday standing next to the evil receptionist, down in the basement. John was just terrified, as they were both putting their jaw out and smiling at him with extreme anger; this made the white man and the receptionist look very familiar as if they were brothers.

After a moment of total silence the receptionist and the white man stretched their hands holding Jessy’s and Billy’s heads chopped off with blood streaming from the necks. John starts screaming not knowing what to do.

The receptionist and the white man screamed at him “RUUUUUUN!!!” and disappeared in the darkness

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