The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


4. The meeting

John continues his ride to Gilbertsville, nothing suspicious happens on his way there except for the strange feeling of always being watched. After approximately two and a half hours he was there at the head office of the motherboard producing company in Gilbertsville.

On the meeting he discussed the compatibility of the new Intel processors with the MSI mother boards, but John could not concentrate on the meeting as he could not stop thinking about the fearsome night he has just experienced. He was not too worried about it as there were many of his colleagues sitting around him and he was pretty sure there were no questions to him personally. If he only knew how wrong he was… 

“Mr. John Freeman what do you think about the new LGA 2011 processor working overclocked to the max without crashing on all MSI motherboards.” The CEO of MSI asks John

John was too deep in his thoughts to be interested in anything according processor overclocking and dismissed the question.

“Mr. John Freeman, I am addressing myself to you” Mr. Xu Xiang makes himself clear after a few second of total silence

John wakes up from his day dream and looks at the CEO. He was a short, dark haired Asian man wearing thick glasses and holding some statistic papers in his hands. His face changed from a satisfied expression to extremely angry. You could practically see the anger in his eyes.

“I think that, by adding some extra space for a better cooler on the mother board, the LGA 2011 processor will run at its optimal temperature while overclocked by 45%.” John quickly replies to the angry Asian man.

John really could not care less about his job, after what happened last night. He just could not stop thinking about it. The scars on his stomach the empty hotel and especially the evil receptionist in the hotel.

“Very good Mr. Freeman, we will consider your preposition for the <<MSI Big Bang X-power III>>” Mr. Xiang responds after having to calm himself down and drinking half a glass of water brought by his tall assistant.

The meeting continued but John could not focus. He noticed something strange in that assistant. He could not tell himself what it was exactly, but it was scaring him. John looked at him straight in the eyes and tried to understand what is so frightening in him. Mr. Xiang’s assistant on his behalf noticed that he was stared at by John and look back at him smiling in an extremely unpleasant way. It seemed like his jaw was starting to push out further then his nose while his lips continued to smile. John, to avoid awkward eye contact looked at his name badge. It said <Lu Qilong -- Marketing department>. John was surprised by the fact that he had a Tai name while he was certainly not Tai or even Asian. John also noticed that while he was serving water to Mr. Xiang he held his left hand behind his back and as soon as he sat back down he hid it under the table.

After the meeting all members of Intel, including John, have exited the room and had a small recap of what was agreed on the meeting and how it will affect them and their new business partner – MSI.

“John!” Mr. Burns exclaimed, “What do you think you were doing when it took you so long to reply to such an easy question about the LGA 2011 processors?”  He continued sounding pretty angry at John.

“I am really sorry, Sir.” John tries to talk himself out of trouble. “I just miss heard Mr. Xiang.”

After saying this John glanced at the wall just behind Mr. Burns. He noticed a photograph of an Asian and a heading to it saying << Lu Qilong -- Marketing department>>

“Look in my eyes, when you are talking to me John, there is no place for people like you in this company! You should start paying more attention to meetings of such importance.” Mr. Burns expressed himself and walked away to the end of the corridor towards the elevators.

John looked again at the photograph then glanced back into the meeting room to see if it was the same man. He was very surprised to see not the tall white man but the short Asian man from the photograph. John could perfectly remember the white man wearing the same cloves and the same name badge. Was he hallucinating ?

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