The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


2. The Dream

He dreams about him lying in the same bed as his wife and reading a children’s story to his son. Suddenly blood starts dripping on his head from the ceiling. As he looks up it starts dripping faster and faster, now it is even all over the bed, but his wife neither the son do not get touched by it or notice it. Then the door of his bedroom and an extremely bright light rushes through it. In a matter of seconds some unknown force pulling him by the hair out of his bed, thorough the door and down the stairs into the basement. He sees how he is thrown into a huge pool of stinking blood surrounded by flies and insects, but he cannot help it in any possible way. As he enters the pool of blood he instantly starts drowning and screams for help, but no one comes.



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