The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


3. The darkness

As he wakes up he feels something strange stuck up his mouth, he chews on it and realizes that it is a wet towel. He tries to reach for it with his hands but finds them attached to the bed with handcuffs, he tries to move his legs but they are also trapped. He starts screaming but it is not much help as his mouth is filled with wet towels which are taped to his face.

Seconds after that a bright light switches on right on top of the metallic bed he is lying on, and a German hard rock song switches on from the huge speakers placed on all the walls of the room. He now finds himself in a very large room filled with hundreds of slaughtered human corps and strange signs drawn with blood all over the white brick walls. John is terrified and glances his eyes all over the room, he then notices a man in a <<Rammstein>> hoody standing in the right corner of the room.

 As the mysterious man takes of the hoody, John realizes that it is the strange receptionist, who is holding an ancient dagger in the right hand and is still hiding his left hand behind his back. The receptionist starts slowly walking towards trapped John displaying his left hand ending with a very sharp hook instead of a palm. He smiles very creepily and continues to walk towards John laughing like madly. John starts crying and praying to god not to die, but the man is approaching closer and closer, he is now no more than a meter away from John.

When the mad receptionist is close enough he says “Dies ist das Ende, mein Herz brennt, ich komme um dich zu töten” and starts stabbing john in the stomach with the dagger and ripping his flesh out with his hook.

John wakes up cover in sweat in the bed of the same hotel; he does not pack or take any of his cloves. He runs down the stairs to his car and drives away from the motel. John is still alive now and all he saw was just an awful nightmare, but he still has scars all over his stomach… 

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