The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


8. Arguing with a paranoiac.

John wakes up screaming “JEEEEEEEEESSY!!!” he turns around in his bed and sees Jessy lying next to him in bed sleeping calmly. John immediately starts shaking her saying “Honey, wake up, wake up!”

“John, its three o’clock in the morning on a Sunday morning, what do you want from me…” She tells him while half asleep.

“THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU AND BILLY, we need to run!” John starts screaming at her to wake her up.

“Who is coming? I really want to sleep, can you tell me tomorrow morning?” Jessy tells John very quietly, turns around facing the wall and falls back a sleep.

“Jessy, we have little time left. They will kill you and Billy when they will come here. I don’t know why but they want you DEAD!” John says this loudly making a harsh accent on the word ‘DEAD’.

“Who wants us dead? Are you out of your mind, we live in the safest neighborhood I know, there is nothing to worry about! Now go back to sleep or at least let ME sleep!” Jessy tells John very seriously, nearly shouting at him.

“Can I at least bring Billy and Blimp to sleep in our room?” John asked Jessy trying not to make her too angry at him.

“Not Blimp! I don’t want the dog in my room!” Jessy started to get angry at John as she started to raise her voice at him.

“OK, then I will go get Billy!” John started to raise his voice at her too.

“FINE! Go wake him up and don’t forget to tell him that you are a paranoiac idiot!” Jessy tells him as she gets up and starts dialing the phone that was lying on the floor near the bed.

John gets out of bed and starts walking to Billy’s bedroom thinking “Who is she calling? Is she actually going to tell her mother about this? Her mother never liked me and this will only make her hate me even more.” When John entered Billy’s room, Billy was quietly sleeping in his bed not making any sound. John picks him up and starts carrying him to his room.

As he entered the room he saw Jessy talking on the phone, she was extremely angry and that was not a surprise for John as no one likes to be woken up at 3 am on a Sunday morning. He put Billy on the bed and walked out of the room. While he was there he heard the words ‘idiot’, ‘you were right’ and ‘paranoiac’.

John walked down stairs and picked up another phone that was connected to the same line as the one Jessy was talking on and started listening to the conversation. “Jessy, I told you not to marry this idiot!” Jessy’s Mum was telling Jessy.

“Sometimes I think that you were right, he was acting very strangely in the past few days and for some random reason he has scars all over his stomach after he came back from the last meeting, that his boss sent him to.” Jessy was complaining to her mother.

“Maybe he is out of his mind?” Jessy’s mother suggested “many schizophrenics scratch themselves and then think that someone is trying to kill them!”

“Mum, I am really scared, what if he does something to me or to Billy.” Jessy tells her mother nearly crying. “He is acting very strangely and I found a very sharp dagger hidden in his wardrobe!”

“Don’t worry Jessy, I will be coming first thing tomorrow morning to make sure everything is ok” Jessy’s mother tried to calm her down.

“Thank you very much mum, see you tomorrow.” Jessy says this and drops the phone.

John runs upstairs into his room. “Do you think that I am mad?” He tells Jessy very loudly.

“Were you listening to the conversation with my mother!!?” Jessy starts shouting at him “You are really freaking me out!”

“Are you thinking that I am trying to kill you?” John tells her, while very worried.

“No, you just are hiding a very sharp dagger from me as it will be my birthday present!” Jessy tells him very sarcastically.

“This dagger in the basement yesterday and did not want to scare you!” John tries to explain.

“Stop lying! I would not be scared of a dagger!” Jessy gets up and starts walking to Billy’s room with Billy in her hands. “I will be sleeping In Billy’s room in till my mother comes tomorrow morning!” She shuts the door behind her and locks herself and Billy in Billy’s room.

“Maybe she is right and I have actually been very paranoiac in the past few days,” John thought “but how can I tell her about the incident in the Motel, she would differently not believe me, I would not believe myself if I was not there.”

After having a thought about all of this, John switches off the light and goes to bed.

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