The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


6. A familiar dagger.

It was a Saturday morning and John did not have to work. He woke up very late and by the time he actually got out of bed and walked to the bath room to brush his teeth it was already lunch time.

He was stood there for quite a moment, shirtless, looking at the scars on his stomach and started brushing his teeth. In the mean time is wife was downstairs cooking lunch for Billy.

“John, do you want anything for breakfast?” Jessy’s voice rushed up the stairs into the bathroom.

“Could you please make me a coffee without any sugar?” John shouted, as he walked out of the bathroom with razor in his right hand and a white towel around his neck.

Approximately in ten minutes he was already downstairs, clean-shaven, drinking his coffee in front of the television. Jessy sat on the sofa just next to him dinking her favorite chamomile tea. Then suddenly the electricity switched off.

“John would you mind going to the basement to check the electric fuse” Jessy asked John making her puppy eyes.

“Of course I will sweetie. You don’t have to make your puppy eyes for me to do something.” John replies, as he gets off the sofa and starts walking towards the basement door.

When John reached the basement door, he opened it and looked down the rock stairs heading in to the darkness. He could remember every little detail of the basement, even though he has not been in it for quite a time. This was because the basement was in his nightmare a few days ago when he was in the Motel. He could very clearly smell the blood, as if there actually was a pool of blood down stairs. There was some kind of movement in the darkness, so John tried to switch on the light by clicking the switch on the side of the wall.

“Silly me, there is no electricity in the house” John mumbled to himself after his attempt to switch on the light did not work. He then reaches in his pocket to get out his phone that will light his passage.

As he walked down stairs he heard some mumbling noises, so he turned his head left and then right to check out the basement, but did not notice anything. As John continues walking towards the electric fuse, he stepped on a pile of broken glass. He could already see the fuse in the wall just in front of him. John then looked down at the glass and noticed a shadow of a tall man on the floor near his shadow, he then looked up back at the fuse, but the fuse was not just out of its place, but lying on the table next to same wall. John came closer to the table and saw a dagger lying near the fuse. The place for the fuse was a bit bent as if the fuse was taken out by the dagger.

The dagger seemed very familiar to John; he just could not remember where he saw it before, the only thing that John was certain about was that the dagger was not his and that it was really unexpected for it to appear in his basement. John takes the dagger in his right hand looks at it and sticks the electric fuse back in its space with the help of the same dagger. The light in the house immediately switches on and the basement is now all lit.

John starts making his way up the stairs, back in the living room, thinking “Who could have taken out the fuse? Was it a thief?” John switches off the light in the basement and closes the door behind him “…No, at least not during the day when we are home and why would he take out the fuse with an ancient dagger and leave it there; Nonsense”

John decided to leave the dagger inside one of the wardrobes where he keeps his old motherboards and processors. He also decided not to tell anything to Jessy not to make her worried.

He spent the rest of the day just resting after his difficult trip.

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