The Silent Motel

A Horror story about a normal man that leaves for a meeting in another town and stops in a Motel ...


1. A bad day.

John lying there in the old metallic hotel bed and thinks about his bad luck and how unfair his life is to him. It seems like if only seconds ago he was in his home town of Springfield with his wife and children, but all has been changed by his boss about two days ago.

Several days ago John overslept and missed his train, but that did not really matter as the next train was just in ten minutes. When he arrived to work he had been only one minute late and thought that no one would notice, but his envious co-worker told on him and he was instantly called to the boss’s office.

As John walked up the expensive spiral staircase to the top floor, his knees were shaking and he felt cold breeze rush down his back. He was extremely scared as his boss was very well known for his anger management problems, especially to his employees who were frightened to death just by hearing his first name.

John quietly knocked on the boss’s door and waited for the immediate response of “Enter” in a very angry voice tone. John entered and was shouted at by his boss for around one hour, and then his boss asked: “what shall I do with you now”. John shrugged his shoulders.

As a matter of luck, or should I say bad luck, a phone rang. John’s boss picked it up and answered it; he listened to the caller for a minute or two, then answered “perfect” and dropped the phone.

“So John I have the perfect job for you. You will be going to the town of Gilbertsville and will attend to a business meeting there. Am I clear!!?” John’s boss screamed into John’s face.

“Yes, Sir” John answered.

His boss printed out a page and handed it over to him saying: “here are all the details, I assume that you should start driving now as it is a 40h drive and the meeting is in three days from now.”

John slowly walked out of the building and sat into his car. There he hit on the stearin wheel with his head and started pulling out clumps of his own hair. As he was driving he called his wife and explained her all that happened that day and that he will not be home for a several days.

After driving for hours and hours he decided to stop in a motel somewhere in the district of Silenthill. He parked near the entrance and was very surprised that there were no other cars parked near the motel.

John opened the door of the car, got out of it locked it and started walking up the wooden stairs to the door of the motel. He slowly opened the old door as the creaking sound run through the empty room with a check-in desk in the middle. The room was completely empty except for the check-in desk and a dead tree next to it, the light-bulb around two meters above his head was not covered with a decoration of any type and was just hanging of the electricity cable, rarely going off and on.

John carried his bag over his shoulder towards the check-in desk and rang the small bell on the desk. He waited for a minute or two, and then a door behind the desk opened a very strangely dressed scruffy man came out hiding his left hand behind his back.

As he approached John he welcomed him: “Welcome to my Silent motel, I was expecting you!”

“Good evening sir, what do you mean by expecting me? I have not booked a room in advance.” John asked the receptionist.

The receptionist mumbled for a second then responded “Do you know that feeling, when you are left all alone in your own little place and then you just believe into someone coming to visit you?” He then made a very ugly smile.

After that he made John fill some papers and showed him his room.

…But all of that was now in the past as John lies in his bed thinking tomorrows travel and the business meeting. Shortly after that he falls asleep.


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