Loved you first ( a Niall love story)

Tifany(Tif) Hendrick is a 14 year old girl. One broken haert and every thing changed.


1. BFF'S



I ran down the stares. "hey mom, i am going to Emilies".  I ran out the door without a response from my mom. I cryed as i ran to Emiles.  My thoght to be amazing boyfriend, just dumped me. I got to her house and ran in.  She was as happy as could be. How could she she knew i was upset. Emilie was 4 years older then me, we were friends sence we were little.'I have horibel news' i said as she said " have great news".  "you go first" i said.


Emilie (Em) POV


"i have a boyfirend" i said jumping up and down. Tif was starting to cry.

"wait, what is it?"

"h-h-he d-d-dosent like me"

I sat and cryed with her. Nick and Tif had been together for 2 years.  "what happined? Let me textboyfriend, he can cheer you up".

E=Em   H=Harry

e- Hey... can u come over?

h-why... we just hungout

e-Just come



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