Maybe This Time You'll Remember Me

Rosilina has wanted to fall in love for as long as she can remember. She's a singer/songwriter and a total hopeless romantic. Will she find love? Will her dreams come true?


1. Something Different

(Rosilina's POV) I was so scared as I pushed the doors open. My heart was pounding and I could barely breathe. I am a singer/songwriter and today I was starting a new band. There were tons of bands here, this place let us all put on a performance and I was incredibly grateful, it takes a lot to become known in the music world and expeirance always helps your case. I've been trying to get a record deal for years even though I was only 16. I write songs about life, though that often ends up meaning that I write about love. My songs make it sound like I've dated every guy in town, but I've never actually had a boyfriend. Guys tend to go for the popular, pretty girls and those girls hate me. I've been teased a lot because of my music, which is fine, but it means that many guys don't exactly fall in love with me, though I always seem to fall for them. And I know that someday I'll find the perfect guy but that takes so long, I suppose it's better to just focus on my music. 


I walked in to meet my new band and was surprised to find 4 guys and only one other girl. Most people put me in with all girls, I suppose I seem rather motherly. But I certaintly accepted this change. I looked around, expecting the guys to all be rather nerdish. But there was one guy that I simply couldn't keep my eyes off. His long wavy, dark hair fell over his beautiful dark eyes. he had freckles and the sweetest smile. No, Rosilina, you can't do this again! The last time I fell for a guy in one of my bands it didn't end well and I just couldn't afford the distraction right now. But, gosh, that guy was cute. 


(Derrick's POV) When she walked in I found my eyes stuck. I was insanely curious about this girl. She had blond hair that curled just the right way and dark eyes that light up when she smiled. Funny enough, she was exactly what I always said I wanted a girl to look like. But I really couldn't do thiis again. It never went my way when I fell for a girl, I couldn't like her. I didn't even know her. She introduced herself to the band and I listened intently, wanting to know everything about her. 


Rosilina. I said the name a few times under my breath, liking how it felt to say it. "That's a pretty name, I'm Derrick." I spoke up. She blushed and smiled at me. I can't believe I said that, she'll think I'm flirting with her and she'll never want to speak to me again! Gosh I'm an idiot, i was thinking. "I like that name, you've got a nice smile" She said quietly. It made my heart leap when she said that. The rest of the band was giggling at us and making fun of us. Oddly enough, I wanted to protect her. This girl I'd never met, I never wanted her to feel pain. "Shut up!" I told the other guys. I couldn't stand seeing the embarassment in her eyes when the said those things to her. I just wanted her to smile again. 

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