Maybe This Time You'll Remember Me

Rosilina has wanted to fall in love for as long as she can remember. She's a singer/songwriter and a total hopeless romantic. Will she find love? Will her dreams come true?


2. Maybe I'll Be Brave

(Rosilina's POV) We were picking what songs we wanted to play in the performance since each band was only allowed tow songs to play. And I wanted so badly to speak up and "I write songs< what if we did an original? The other bands will be doign covers so people will remember us, if only out of curiousty." I spoke up. Where did that happen?!? Now my entire band will think i'm an idiot and I'll never live it down! "I like that idea, actually, what all have you written?" Derrick speaking dragged me out of my thoughts and I looked at him oddly. I honestly thought he was teasing me. But maybe I was wrong, maybe not all guys were the same. Maybe he was different. I started to talk about my music, how many songs I've written (150) and about what my songs sounded like. I played a few of my songs and was surprised to be appluaded and praised. 


Maybe this could work out. We spent the rest of band practice listening to me sing and talking about what we wanted the bands sound to be like. it was perfect, I really like this band. Especially Derrick, but he couldn't ever know that I was falling for him. I avoided Derrick and talked to the other band members for most of practice. But he was all that was on my mind, I wasn't even thinking about the music. I just kept wondering how it felt to kiss him or where he would take a girl on a first date. I felt guilty, because maybe he had a girlfriend or something... But he was fantastic. He was playing with a little girl named Issabell for an hour straight. I thought was so sweet! I loved to play with little kids, they were brutally honest but always sweet. Gosh, I was really falling for this guy. 


(Derrick's POV) She wrote songs too! I swear this girl was perfect. With music in my head and hope in my heart I almost got brave enough to ask her out. But then I wasn't... I spent the rest of the time playing with the little kids in the youngest band. My favorite being Issabell, Issabell was only 5 and she was incredibly sweet. How little kids act is often how adults should act, being completely honest and speaking their mind, not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. This entire time though, my mind was on Rosilina. I honestly thought she was perfect, even more so after hearing her music. She had a great personalitly. And well, I could stare into her eyes for hours. Maybe I should ask her out. I can be brave, I know I have it in me. And I couldn't live with myself if I let her walk away. "Hey Rosilina!" "Yeah?" "Would you like to go out to eat after this? MAybe see a movie?" She froze in her steps and I was suddenly terrified. "Sure" She smiled and walked away. 


I feel as though I'm living in a movie. I asked out the most beautiful girl in the world and she said yes. Someone pinch me. No other girls have ever liked me. But the perfect one, seems to. I swear that every single rejection in my life made sense then. it was like everything lined up, the puzzle pieces finally fit. Gosh,i think I might love her.... 

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