Loved You First

Jessica is eighteen and her best friend is Harry Styles. When Harry denies his feelings for her, Jessica turns to another guy. Niall Horan, one of Harry's band mate and friend. As she continues to fall for Niall, Harry flares up with anger and jealousy which leads to their friendship to fall apart. Jessica, heartbroken, turns to the aid of her sister. A year later, Harry runs into Jessica at a party. Will they reunite as friends? Or will thoughts of the past be brought up once again?

A story of deception, lies, love, and friendship.


1. Reunited

"Happy birthday sister!" Angela ran up and pulled me into a hug. It was more like a bear hug than a regular hug. Angela was my older sister and she was the best sister a girl could ever ask for. She pulled away and a smile spread across her face. "You will never guess who's in town." In some ways, she acted like a child. I couldn't really blame her.

"Who?" I asked her. I didn't want to see anyone else for my birthday. I just wanted to spend time with my family and friends, but the sad part was: our parents were on vacation in the Bahamas and I was friends with One Direction. My sister was the only family that allowed for me to stay with her while our parents were gone. "Harry Styles." she smiled.

I didn't bother to hear what she said after saying his name. My heart leapt with joy. Harry Styles was my best friend. I feel like I've known him longer, but I only got to see him every time he and the guys had a break from tour. "So while you're zoning off in Styles' land, I forgot to mention that they're waiting for us at the airport." Angela grabbed the car keys and I followed her out the door.

She drove us to the LAX airport and parked the car in the parking lot. We entered the airport, both of us looking around for the guys. "They shouldn't be that hard to miss." She said, pushing past people who were walking towards us in the opposite direction. "They're famous. Shouldn't there be like a million girls-"

"Found them!" She interrupted me and hugged the guys. I trailed behind her and stood awkwardly behind. I was never one to go up to anyone and talk to them. I was always shy to talk, even if the guys were my friends. Harry was the one I felt most comfortable around. "Hey short-stuff." Harry smiled, pulling me into a hug as I hugged him back. "Happy birthday." He said into my ear before we pulled away.

"Thanks." I blushed, looking down at my feet for a moment. I had always liked Harry, but I never got around to admitting it. I just didn't want to tell him yet because I wasn't sure if he'd feel the same way.



As soon as we got off the plane, we walked through the crowd towards the entrance of the airport. I saw Angela push past a crowd of people and hug all of us. Jessica was trailing behind her sister, like always. She looked so beautiful. The two sisters resembled each other that they could be mistaken for the other. I knew Angela was the older sister.

"Hey short-stuff." I smiled, pulling Jessica into a hug. She looked like she needed one of my hugs from me. I came all this way from the UK to see her. I wasn't going to let her out of my sight again. "Happy birthday." I said into her ear before puling away. "Thanks." she blushed.

I admired the fact that she had a cuteness to her. "Let's go out to eat. I'm starving." Niall said and we all laughed.  "Shot gun!" Louis said, getting into the passenger seat of Angela's car which meant that the rest of us had to sit in the back. Our bags were in her trunk. "Sorry, my sister didn't want to take her car." Angela apologized.

As we all squeezed into the back seat of Angela's car, Jessica was left to sit on my lap. "Getting settled in all ready, are we mate?" Liam asked. Jessica and I exchanged glances with each other, then she looked away.



The whole ride back home was filled with laughter and some silences at the same time. Mostly the silences were between Harry and I. I couldn't believe that I was forced to sit on his lap. At least that's what Angela told me. "It'll be fine." she said. Yeah right. I thought to myself.

Harry was a year older than me, but he was still a horny teenage boy. They were all the same, no matter how old they were. Our ride came to an end when Angela parked her car in front of the restaurant. "It's no Nandos, but it'll do." Niall said as we all got out of the car.

The seven of us entered the restaurant and were seated by one of the waiters who worked there. Angela purposely left the seat open next to me as she sat down between Louis and Zayn. I wondered if she had a thing for both of them, or just one. It was hard to read my sister sometimes.

Harry slid into the seat beside me, asking me if I didn't mind and I shook my head. He just smiled and looked down at the menu. Of course I minded. I've always had a crush on Harry. My heart was beating against my chest like crazy. I could hear it beating so loudly and I wondered if he could hear it. He probably doesn't see what he's doing to me.

"I heard it's your birthday." Niall smiled at me. I smiled back at him. "Yeah, it is."

"How old are you now?" Liam asked. Before I could even answer, the waiter came up to us and asked us for our order. We all ordered our food and the waiter walked away with the menus. "I'm eighteen." I answered Liam's question.

"Doing anything fun?" Harry asked, resting his arm on my chair. It felt like it was resting on my shoulders, but he was inches away from touching me. I glanced over at my sister, but she was too busy talking with Zayn and Louis to even notice that I needed her help. I just shrugged and looked down at my hands.

I've never felt this nervous before when I was talking to Harry. Usually he and I would have loads to talk about, but it only took me a second to realize that we were young, immature. "I guess that means we can hang out like we used to." he smiled at me. I looked into his green eyes. There was something in his eyes telling me that he wanted more than just to "hang out."

"Yeah, that'd be fun." I smiled.


Angela drove us back to our house where the guys will be staying for a whole week. "Shoot, there's not enough rooms. Jess, I hope you don't mind sharing your room with Harry." Angela smiled. It was more than just a smile to me. She knew I was in love with Harry and it was written all over my face to when I blushed. "Why don't we have a say in this?" Harry asked her.

"Okay, who do you want to share a room with?" she asked him, crossing her arms over her chest. Harry put his hands up in defeat. Angela smiled, knowing that she had won and went upstairs. The guys left to go to their rooms to get settled in. I was left alone with Harry of course.



I was the last person to enter the restaurant and saw an empty seat next to Jessica. I slid into the seat beside her and asked her if she didn't mind I sat there. She shook her head and I just smiled, then looked down at the menu. I couldn't help but glance at her every so often. Before we even boarded the plane in the UK, Jessica was always on my mind.

I never felt this way about any girl before. I mean, she and I were friends but a part of me was suggesting for us to become more than friends. I was just afraid of how she actually felt towards me. What if she didn't like me the way I liked her? Niall and Liam had started up a conversation with her. The sound of her voice was just so beautiful.

"Doing anything fun?" I asked her. I was thinking about draping my arm over her shoulders, but that would take things a little too far. I rested my arm on her chair instead, but I was inches away from touching her. I knew it would freak her out a little bit. She shrugged and I smiled at her. "I guess that means we can hang out like we used to."

"Yeah, that'd be fun." she smiled.


Angela had given us rooms to sleep in for the entire week that we were there. When I heard that we were sharing rooms, I found myself glancing over at Jessica. She was one of the only people I'd rather be in a room with. From afar, I admired her beauty. Everything about her drew me towards her, but I managed to keep my distance knowing that we were best friends.

"Why don't we have a say in this?" I asked Angela.

"Okay, who do you want to share a room with?" she asked me, crossing her arms over her chest. I never thought about this, but she's sexy when she's mad. Yet, I still put my hands up in defeat and she smiled. I let her win. She went upstairs and the guys left to go to their rooms. Jessica and I were finally left alone.

"I guess that means we're sharing a room together." I said, placing my hands in my pockets as she looked at me. "Yeah." she said, looking down at her feet. Why was she nervous? I remember that she and I would talk for hours, even on the phone. She was never this nervous around me. "Come, I'll show you where my room is." she said, going upstairs as I followed her.


Her room had a queen size bed in the corner of the room next to the window. There was a dresser, a desk, and also a closet. "Just stay on your side of the bed. The bathroom is the first door on your right." She said, walking over to her dresser to pull out clothes to sleep in. "Is everything okay Jess?" I asked her.

She looked at me with clothes in her hand and then glanced down at the floor. "I missed you Harry." she said. I reached out and embraced her in a hug. "I missed you too Jess." I told her and we stayed like that for a while. I pulled away for only a moment to look at her. "You and I will spend some Harry and Jess time for this whole entire week." I told her.

"You really mean it?" she asked.

"Yes. Just you, me, and a year's worth of catching up to do. How does that sound?" I asked with a smile.

She smiled, "I'd like that. Thank you Harry."

"Anytime short-stuff."

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