Loved You First

Jessica is eighteen and her best friend is Harry Styles. When Harry denies his feelings for her, Jessica turns to another guy. Niall Horan, one of Harry's band mate and friend. As she continues to fall for Niall, Harry flares up with anger and jealousy which leads to their friendship to fall apart. Jessica, heartbroken, turns to the aid of her sister. A year later, Harry runs into Jessica at a party. Will they reunite as friends? Or will thoughts of the past be brought up once again?

A story of deception, lies, love, and friendship.


9. Old Ways

Jessica’s POV.

The next morning I awoke in my bedroom. I wondered what happened last night after the movie. I got out of bed and noticed that I was wearing the dress from last night. I quickly changed out of the dress and into something comfortable. I walked out of my room and bumped into someone walking out of the bathroom.

“Oh hey Jess, didn’t see you there.” Harry was standing before me in all his glory. I looked at everything but him. “Please cover up.” I said, trying to keep my eyes away from his body. “I must admit, that’s the longest you’ve ever looked at me before looking away.” he said. I felt that he smirked, and then eventually I heard the door close. I looked in the direction of where he had stood and saw that he had gone into one of the guest rooms.

I shook my head and then went downstairs. “Morning sister!” Angela smiled as I entered the kitchen and she gave me a hug. “You’re in a very... cheerful mood. What happened last night?” I asked her as she pulled away. She smiled, “You’re silly. I ran into Zayn.”

I slowly nodded, “Okay...?”

She rolled her eyes and then turned her attention to making breakfast. “Just because you and Harry had a rough time doesn’t mean I should.” she said while I poured myself a cup of coffee. “Morning girls.” Harry entered the kitchen. This time he was wearing a black t-shirt and match jeans. “Morning Harry.” Angela smiled. “Sleep well?”

“Yes, thanks for asking.” he smiled.

“I’ll leave you two alone. I have to go to work anyways. Bye sister.” Angela gave me a kiss on the cheek and then left the kitchen. I resumed cooking breakfast and turned off the stove after it was done. “What’s for breakfast?” Harry asked, peeking over my shoulder.

I could smell his aftershave, and for a little bit, it intoxicated me. “Apparently she made scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon. There’s also pancakes too.” I said, looking at the dishes Angela had made. “Wow, she made a lot of food.” Harry said.

I silently agreed as I heard the door bell ring. “Harry, can you go answer that for me while I set everything up?” I asked him. He smiled, “Sure, anything for you Jess.” Once he walked away, I simply rolled my eyes and put the bacon on a plate.

Finally I finished setting up the table and heard foot steps enter the dining room. “Hope you don’t mind having us over for breakfast.” I turned around, hearing Liam’s voice and smiled as I went over to give him a hug. “No, I don’t mind at all.” I smiled.

We pulled away from the hug. “How’ve you been?” I asked.

“We’ve been good, thanks for asking.” Liam smiled.

“Speak for yourself mate.” Louis smiled, then gave me a hug as I hugged him back. “How are you doing?” he asked, pulling away. Of all the guys in the band, Louis and Zayn were more concerned about my sister rather than me. But this was a first that they didn’t ask about my sister at all.

“I’m doing just fine.” I smiled.

“Your sister isn’t joining us?” Niall asked.

“Nope, she just left for work but if you guys stay a little bit longer, she’ll be home in time for dinner.” I said.

“We’d love to stay.” Zayn smiled.

“Hope you’re not just saying that because it’s Angela.” I crossed my arms over my chest, looking at him. “Honestly, we’d rather stay for you Jess.” Liam said. I smiled and thanked Liam, then suggested that if anyone was hungry, food was on the table.

“Good because I’m starving.” Niall said, picking a seat at the table. The rest of us were amused at Niall’s love for food and sat with him at the table. We all grabbed our share and began eating. “Are you and Harry still enemies or have you two made up?” Louis asked.

Harry and I looked at each other from opposite ends of the table. Harry shrugged, “It’s not my decision to make.” I guess that leaves me to decide whether he and I were friends or not. Well, it was I who had said that we shouldn’t be friends.

The guys immediately turned their attention towards my direction and all of a sudden, the spotlight was on me. “I haven’t fully made my decision yet.” I said, continuing to eat my breakfast. Of course I wanted Harry and I to be friends. I was reconsidering it last night.

I just didn’t want to give in too easily because I was afraid he might hurt me again. I finished my breakfast and stood up from my seat, then walked into the kitchen. I needed a few minutes to myself. All I could think about was what happened in the past; all the things he said to me.

You couldn’t take something like that back. You couldn’t re-do the past. I sighed, then looked at all the pictures on the fridge. There was one picture that caught my eye. It was the one of Harry and I. “That was the day we met, right?” I heard Harry’s voice as I turned around and faced him.

He was leaning against the wall with his arms over his chest. “Yeah, it was.” I said, then turned away from him. I feared that he would see me cry. All the memories we shared flooded back into my mind.

I could sense his warmth behind me as he brushed my hair away from my neck. I felt him lean over and began to gently kiss me there. It was bring butterflies in my stomach like the first day we met.

If Harry and I were just friends, why was this happening?

I gently bit my lip to keep myself calm, but for a short moment, I felt myself go weak. I turned and faced him, looking into his bright green eyes. My heart was pounding against my chest. It was beating so loud that I feared he would hear it.

We stayed like that for what seemed like eternity. “Hey Harry, we have to go to sound check.” I heard Liam’s voice and was a bit relieved. There was a look in Harry’s eyes that told me he wished Liam hadn’t interrupted us. “Want to come with us?” Harry asked me.

“No, I-”

“Oh, but I insist.” Harry smirked. He was being playful, flirtatious. His usual self had come back, but for some strange reason, it hardly bothered me at all. “If that’s all right with the guys.” I said.

“Does it matter what they say? I want you to come.” he said.

“Okay. I’ll go.” I smiled.

Finally he smiled and that was when I knew I was or wasn’t going to like what was I would be in for. I’ve only seen Harry like this a few times since the day we met, but for some odd reason, I kind of liked him like this.


We arrived at the place where the sound check was being held. They sang a song or two and I must admit, they sound better live. "What do you think?" Harry asked me once they were done. The other guys were talking to their manager. "You guys were great." I smiled.

He looked over my shoulder, then back at me. "Let's get out of here. Just away from the watching eyes." he said. I turned to look at the guys and then nodded once my attention was back to Harry. He smiled, then took my hand and led me out the door.

Louis' POV.

"Where do you think Harry's going?" Liam asked the minute our manager had left us. We had watched Harry leave with Jessica out the door. "Probably to talk about where they stand in their 'relationship.'" Zayn answered.

"Maybe Harry's gone back to his old ways." I said.

"That means..." Niall trailed off as I nodded. I knew Harry better than the other guys did, and knowing Harry, I was actually worried for Jessica and worried that Harry wouldn't mess things up with her again. "Are we going to stop him?" Liam asked.

"Let's just let him take care of it." I told them, then walked away.

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