Biggest Mistake Of My Life? (1D fan Fiction)

Jasmine Harley is only nineteen, but she's getting married... to a man she doesn't love.
If she doesn't marry him, her family will disown her, but if she does, then she has to spend the rest of her life with Kyle.
This wedding could be the biggest mistake of her life, so what happens when she goes against her famiy and runs away? What happens when she finds love in one of the most unlikely place... with One Direction?


2. Runaway Bride

  Runaway Bride


  As soon as I make it out of the doors I don’t slow down. I can hear the deathly silence I’ve left behind, but I know someone will follow my soon. I burst into our makeshift dressing room and grab my purse and keys. I rush out, but still no one follows me. As I get to the main door I tear off my shoes, clutching them in my hand. I push the heavy oak doors and slip out into the sunshine. The gravel cuts into my feet and I wince at each step I take, but I try to ignore it and rush out towards my car. I fumble with the keys in my hurry to get away, but as finally tug the door open, a hand catches my arm.

  I spin around expecting an angry mother, but instead Kitty pulls me into a massive hug. I don’t even worry about ruining the dress, because I’m not going to need it.

  “What are you going to do?” She sighs into my ear, not letting go of me.

  “I don’t know, but I can’t stay here any longer.” We’re quiet for a minute before I say, “I suppose I better go home and get some things before I go.”

  “Where are you going?”

  “I’m not sure, I’ll figure something out.”

  “You could stay at mine?” Kitty offers half-heartedly, since we both know that I need somewhere my parents won't look for me. I can’t face them after this.

  I shake my head against her shoulder. “I’ll think of somewhere. I’ll call you when I do.”


  “Promise.” I can feel the tear sliding down my cheek. We both know we have to let go before anyone else comes, but neither of us wants to let go. Eventually I pull back. “I have to go.” She nods and steps back. I get in my little Mini Cooper and slowly close the door, pulling in the folds of my dress inside. I slip my heels back on because as difficult as they are, I can’t drive barefoot. I put my key in the ignition and release the handbrake, just as Kyle appears in the doorway. I keep driving, refusing to let myself stop.

  At the end of the gravelled drive I finally look in my review mirror. I see Kitty standing where I left her, a tear rolling down her cheek, but as I watch she wipes it away.

  I reluctantly shift my gaze to Kyle, who looks after my retreating car, looking like a lost puppy. It breaks me to see him like that, but I only keep driving because I know it’s for the best. He deserves better than me, and now I’ve given him the chance to find someone who loves him back. I’ve set him free.

  And now I’ve set myself free.


I finally pull up into the driveway of our enormous house after racing down the motorway. I park quickly and jump out of the car, which is easier said than done in a wedding dress. I waste no time in unlocking the door of the ancient house. It’s been in our family for centuries; we’ve always been rich apparently. My ancestors can be traced right back to the Middle Ages apparently. But I’m about to abandon that family.

  I run across the polished marble floor and reach the bottom of the grand staircase before a voice stops me. “Jasmine?” I spin around to see our housekeeper emerging from the kitchen. Olivia takes one look at my dress and realise what’s happened. “You ran away from your own wedding?” She looks at me incredulously, but she’s not as shocked as she ought to be. No where near as shocked as mother. I suppose after endless hours left here, abandoned by parents, Olivia is the closest thing to a proper parent I have. She knows me almost as well as Kitty. Olivia doesn’t even wait for me to answer, “Are they following you?”

  I shrug, grateful that I don’t have to explain anything to her. “They weren’t when I left, but they probably are now.”

  “Where are you going to go?”

  Ergh, I’m sick of that question. I shrug again, impatient to grab my stuff and get the hell out of here before anyone else catches up with me. Olivia picks up on my nervousness and sighs. “Go get your stuff packed and I’ll sort it out.”

  Relief floods through me. I run the short distance across the hall toward her. “Thank you!” I don’t even question how she’s going to sort it out, but knowing Olivia she will somehow. Maybe she even had a back up plan. I pull away quickly and run up the stairs to the top floor. As soon as I reach my bedroom door I fling it open.

  This room is nothing like the rest of the house. Every other room is dark, draped in huge tapestries and have thick, dark carpets. You can still see some remains of the old house in my bedroom, but I’ve put a huge white rug on the floor, my four poster bed in covered in pink fairy lights, the mouth eaten curtains have been replaced by light, flowery ones and the wallpaper is covered in posters of various boy bands and pop stars.

  I don’t have time to look at any of this though. I run straight to my wardrobe and pull out all the clothes I might need and begin stuffing them in my suitcase. I grab some other essentials; hairbrush, phone, charger, toiletries and pyjamas. I hesitate when I glance around my room. I know I can’t take all my posters so I take one last longing look around before charging out and throwing my case down the stairs. I watch, satisfied, as it scratches the polished surface on its way to the bottom. I’m about to follow it when Olivia’s voice calls from the hallway below. “Please tell me you’re not still in that dress?”

  I look down. Oops. “No.” I call, running quickly back into my room, throwing on a blue summer dress and some sandals that I was debating on whether or not to pack. I hesitate, looking at the pile of white satin and lace on the floor but I pick it up and lay it out on the bed.

  I sigh. It is a nice dress. I stare at it, thinking about what could have been, when Olivia’s voice reaches me again. “Hurry up Jasmine.” So I turn and slam my bedroom door for the last time and speed down the stairs. I reach the bottom where Olivia presses a slip of folded paper into my palm. “William’s contact information.”

  My eyes widen in shock. “William?”

  She nods once but it’s not enough to hide the tears I can see in her eyes. “You better go. Call him on the way.”

  I nod and turn to leave, but just as I open the front door I can’t help myself; I turn and fling my arms around Olivia’s neck. “I’ll miss you.”

  “I’ll miss you too.” She sniffles, wrapping her arms around me in return. “First William, then you... I suppose you all have to leave one day.”

   I reluctantly let go and pick up my case, dragging it down the steps and haul it into the back of my car, nearly ripping my arm off in the process. And these are only the essentials. I check my purse is still in the front seat and turn to wave to Olivia, but she’s already closed the front door.  I take one last look at the house and, against everything, find myself smiling widely.

  I don’t ever have to come back here again. I can start over.

  My new life starts now.

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