Biggest Mistake Of My Life? (1D fan Fiction)

Jasmine Harley is only nineteen, but she's getting married... to a man she doesn't love.
If she doesn't marry him, her family will disown her, but if she does, then she has to spend the rest of her life with Kyle.
This wedding could be the biggest mistake of her life, so what happens when she goes against her famiy and runs away? What happens when she finds love in one of the most unlikely place... with One Direction?


6. Not My Secret to Tell

Not My Secret To Tell


I finally get changed and leave the bathroom, pretty proud of my new look. I had taken the white belt off my trousers and tied it around Harry’s dark blue t-shirt, which comes halfway down my thighs. It doesn’t look too bad... who am I kidding? I look like a slut who’s just spent the night with a random guy from the nightclub.

  “Nice.” My head snaps around to glare at the owner of the voice. I expect Harry, but instead Zayn leans against the door frame, smirking.

  “What is the matter with you lot?” I say, only half joking.

  He holds up his hands defensively, and I notice a towel and change of clothes in his hand. “Hey, I was just waiting for the shower. You were ages.”

  I roll my eyes, “Sure, like you won’t take twice as long just doing your hair.”

  He grins, “You got me.”

  I shake my head, laughing and continue down the corridor to where I think the living room is. I open the door and see they’ve attempted to clean up - attempted being the key word. The floor is a little less cluttered and I don’t have to pick my way through the mess and there’s just about enough space to sit on the sofa, but I see that all they’ve done is pile everything in the corner. I roll my eyes, “Wow guys, I’m impressed.”

  Niall’s head pokes hopefully out from the fridge, “Really?”

  “No.” I say, my expression serious and unwavering.

  Niall’s face falls comically and I can’t help but laugh at him, he frowns even more, until I gasp, “Just kidding Niall.”

  His blue eyes brighten and he smiles, “I think we did pretty well.”

  “Sure,” I say, noncommittally. I move to sit next to Liam on the sofa, which, without the layers of rubbish covering it, I can see it’s white – well, an off-grey now. “There’s my favourite non-pervy band member.”

  Liam laughs, before winking at me. “It’s all part of my game plan, love; act like the nice one.”

  Knowing he’s not serious, I laugh, “Darn it, it’s working.”

  “Who was your favourite?” Louis walks in the room through the same door I came through, pulling a shirt over his wet hair. I catch a glimpse of his toned chest before it disappears beneath the t-shirt. I think I must sigh in disappointment because Liam shoots me a strange look, smirking knowingly. I quickly avert my gaze to stop myself staring at him, my mind wondering off down a more x-rated track.

  “Ergh, I’m not telling you.” I pull a face at him, and he returns to favour.

  “Aw, come on, why won't you say?”

  I’m trying to think up a snappy retort, while hiding my blush, when I’m distracted by the sound of a phone chiming. Louis pulls a phone out of his pocket, hitting some buttons, reading the text. As I gaze thankfully at the phone for the save, I realise it looks really familiar...

  “Lou, is that my phone?”

  He might have gotten away with it if it weren’t for his guilty expression as he looks up at me.

  I jump up from my seat and half yell, “Louis, give me my phone back NOW!” When he doesn’t move, a smile playing on his lips at my furious, and possibly panicked, expression, I lunge towards him, trying to wrestle the phone from his grip.

   “Don’t hit her!” Liam yells in the background as I straddle Louis, forcing him to surrender my phone.

  “I give up! You can have your phone!” yells Louis dramatically and I smile smugly, clambering off him, clutching my phone. Louis stands up, backing away from me, pretending to be scared. As Harry enters the room, he runs to him and hides behind his back, whimpering. “She attacked me.”

  Harry, however, just laughs, “You were attacked by a girl?”

  “Shut up Hazza!” Louis hits him, but grins at me anyway, just in case I had taken him seriously. I roll my eyes, but I’m oh-so-conscious that my smile is entirely forced.

  Truth is, I nearly had a panic attack when I saw Louis with my phone – what if he had looked through my texts? All the falsely cheerful texts to Kyle, the worried ones from Allie, the furious ones from my mum that I’ve no doubt got by now... I’ve been trying to forget about everything, not checking my phone and acting as if everything’s normal, but in the back of my head, I know that around now – four o’clock – Kyle and I should be catching a flight to Greece where Mother has booked a secluded beach house that Sapphire used for her honeymoon.

  I hope they don’t let the holiday go to waste... maybe Sapphire and Mark will go instead.

  I suddenly realise that my smile has slipped and I am staring blankly down at my phone. I snap out of my daze and unlock my phone, ignoring the strange looks I know I’m getting. I really need to put a password on my phone, Kitty’s always bugging me to, but I never really thought I had anything to hide – luckily I see that the conversation open on the screen isn’t Mother or Kyle or Kitty, but it was just Will, there’s nothing incriminating about that. I look at the newest text he sent; Will: Hey Jaz, I’ve finished for the day, I’ll pick you up? Text me where you are x

  “We’ll take you back.” I look up to see Louis leaning against the counter, an unfamiliar frown line appearing on his forehead as he studies me. Everyone else has gone back to doing whatever they were before, Harry depositing himself on the sofa next to Liam, Niall in the fridge and Zayn’s probably still in the shower.

  I smile, trying to convince him that I’m fine, but I don’t think he buys it. “If that’s alright?”

  “Sure.” He smiles suddenly, easing the tension and I feel my body relax automatically.

  “Great,” I turn back to my phone and reply; Louis said he’d give me a lift home – I’ll see you in a bit x

  My phone beeps only seconds later; Will: Sure, pizza?  Still the same?

  I grin; Yep, bacon and pineapple x

  Will: Always the awkward one ;)

  I look up and Louis cocks his head to the side, “What are you grinning about?”

  I shrug, still smiling, “I’m just glad I have my brother back, I guess.” I wince, realising my mistake as soon as it comes out of my mouth.

  “Get him back?”

  “Erm... well, I haven’t seen him for a while.” I answer him vaguely, hoping he’ll leave it at that. I’m not even sure why I don’t want to tell them, but really, what would they thinking if I told them I had been about to get married? At nineteen? I shudder at the thought, wondering how I had ever gotten that close. It’s not like it really matters anyway, I probably won’t see them again, like most fans; meet them, get to know them, then they forget all about you. My heart sinks at the thought, but I knew it was inevitable; they’re a world famous boy band, it’s not like they’ve got time for anyone like me.

  I can see Louis considering questioning me further, but, to my relief, he doesn’t push it. “Okay, let’s go.”





  “Okay, let’s go.”

  I know there’s more to it than she’s letting on, but I can see her relief as I decide not to question her. “Guys, I’m driving Jaz home, who wants to come?”

  Harry jumps up and I try hard to hide my smirk. Of course Harry’s coming; he’s been flirting with Jaz all day. But then again, he does that with any girl he meets. Much to my satisfaction, she just rolls her eyes at his attempts, laughing him off.  Then again, Jaz seems different to all the other girls; she’s just so... carefree, and not afraid to be herself around us. You’d think we were normal people for once, it make a nice change. I already feel like I’ve known Jaz for years, but I realise I don’t actually know that much about her.

  Liam looks between the two of us and then looks at Jaz. “I better come too.” He sighs, getting up from the sofa. I can practically hear him saying, ‘Harry and Louis driving the hot girl home? Yeah, that’s not going to end well.’ What? I’m not blind – even in Harry’s old t-shirt she looks gorgeous. Not even Liam can deny that, just because he wants to act the gentleman doesn’t mean he doesn’t think she’s hot.

  Obviously I’m not the only one that can hear Liam’s thoughts as loud as if he’d shouted them because Harry rolls his eyes and behind me, I hear Jaz giggle. No one argues with him though, because he’s probably right to be worried.

  I glance over at her, chocolate curls hanging halfway down her back and bright blue eyes, and I feel suddenly sad – this might be the last time I see her.

  Niall hugs Jaz goodbye, and I try to ignore the strange feeling in my stomach. We shout our plans to Zayn, who’s still in the bathroom and make our way down to my car.

  “Where am I taking you?” I ask as I turn the key in the ignition, feeling the car purr to life.

  Jaz slides into the front passenger while Liam and Harry climb into the back, Harry, moaning about Liam being over protective, earning him a punch on the arm. Jaz reels off an address and I type it into the satnav, still unable to find my way around London properly, I mean, man it’s big.

  “So you’re staying with your brother?” Asks Harry from the back. I’m glad he asked it, because I might burst in a minute. I meet his gaze in the rear-view mirror, and I can tell he thinks the same as me; there’s more to Jaz than she’s letting on.

  It’s not just the evasiveness about her brother – I could see the panic in her eyes when she realised I was on her phone, as if she knew there’s things on there that she’d rather we didn’t see, which, well, I get, but this is something else. Okay, so maybe I did look at some of her texts, but who wouldn’t? Zayn said she’d left her phone in the bathroom, so I was meant to give it to her, but... Well, all I did was unlock her phone. It’s not my fault it went mad. I’m serious; she had hundreds of unread texts, calls and voicemails. I didn’t look at all of them, but from what I saw, something was very wrong.

  And then there was that phone call in the lift. That wasn’t exactly my fault either, but we were pressed so close together that I could hear pretty much that her friend said, but it didn’t seem to make any sense.

  “Yeah, I haven’t seen him for years, so it’s about time we saw each other again.” Jaz fidgets nervously in her seat.

  “Why haven’t you seen your brother?” Liam pipes up.

  She shrugs, “We’ve both been busy, and I lived pretty far away.”

  I catch the use of the past tense, “Lived?”

  Her eyes widen and she bites her lip. I can see her silently cursing her slip. “Erm, yeah, well I’m living with Will until I can find a place of my own.

  I want to ask more, but I catch Liam’s eye and close my mouth. I know I shouldn’t press her; she already looks awkward enough, so different from before, I just want to know so badly. SOmethi9ng about her wants to know every little thing about her.

  The awkward silence fills the car. I really hate silences, so I break it by turning on the radio. It works – instantly everyone in the car grins at the song that starts playing on the radio.

  “No, we can’t make up our minds, ‘coz when we got it right we go...”

  I start singing loudly in the worst possible voice I can, turning to radio up. Harry and Liam join in while Jaz collapses in fits of giggles in her seat. Our terrible singing almost drowns out the calm, voice of the satnav, informing us that we have ‘arrived at our destination’.

  I stop the car, but we sit in it, singing, a little longer until the song comes to an end. By this point Jaz is starting to cry, she’s laughing so hard, joining in with our karaoke. I get out of my side of the car, grinning at the disapproving glares a few passer-bys are giving us. I open Jaz’s door to let her out and she practically falls out. I reach out a hand to catch her and steady her until she can stand on her own. Even then my hands linger on her arms longer than they needed to.

  “Candy Girl’s tipsy.” I laugh.

  “Oh God, I look drunk, don’t I?” She laughs, straightening up, still giggling.

  “Afraid to say it, but yeah.” Harry gets out of the car too, and pulls Jaz into a hug, mumbling into her hair. “Bye Jasmine.”

  “Bye Harold.” She mimics before pulling away and repeating the same thing with Liam, then turning to me. I squeeze her tightly, not really ready to say bye, but inevitably it comes anyway. “Bye Lou, today was amazing.”

  I smile, “Yeah, you still have a bit of cake in your hair.”

  She pulls back quickly, horrified, touching her hair, but the she sees my face and punches me lightly on the arm. “You’re an idiot Lou.”

  “Why, thank you.”

  Then she pulls out of my reach and turns up the drive to her house. I wave and reluctantly get back in the car. As soon as I get in, Harry grins wickedly at me, “So, how’d you like Jaz?”

   I grin, “Hazza, could you have been any less obvious?”

  “Says you!”

  “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

  “You like her.” He declares.

  I shoot him a look in the mirror that says I’ll hit him the moment I can take my hand off the wheel. “Who doesn’t?”

  Harry sighs, not answering my question. “Shame we won't see her again.”

  I grin at him in the mirror and Liam groans, “Aw Louis, what’d you do?”

  I shrug, still grinning, “I put my number in her phone.”

  “Louis! You went through her phone?”

  Liam drops his head into his hands in frustration while Harry laughs. “She’s going to hate you.”

  “Hey,” I lift a hand from the wheel in defence. “It’s not my fault! I was curious, I overheard her on the phone,” Liam groans, but I ignore him, “and I was worried. Anyway I only say a few of them.”

  “What’d they say?”

  I shake my head, for some reason, I don’t want to tell him what I saw. “Just some worried texts from her mum.” Understatement of the century.

  Liam frowns worriedly, “What were they about?”

  I shake my head, not even sure of them myself. I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

  It’s not my secret to tell.






  I watch them drive away off into the half-light through the front window of the house and sigh, turning to see Will coming form the kitchen with tow huge pizza boxes. I grin.

  “So how was your day with One Direction?” Will smirks, handing me my pizza.

  I open it and grin at the smell. Even the pizzas are better in London. I pick up a slice and wave it at Will disapprovingly. “I’m still annoyed at you for not telling me.”

  “It was worth it just to see your expression.” He drops his jaw and his eyes bulge in his attempt to copy my expression.

  “Oi! I did not look like that!” Please god, say I didn’t look like that.

  “Oh you did.” He smirks. I throw and olive from my pizza at him but he ducks and it hits the white wall behind him, leaving behind a mark. I giggle. Will picks up the olive and pops it in his mouth, grinning at me.

  “Ew, Will, that’s horrible.” I scrunch up my nose is disgust.

  “So, what did you do? Looks like you had a lot of fun.” He says, eyeing my borrowed t-shirt that I’d almost forgotten about with a mixture of amusement and disapproval.

  I laugh at him, knowing what he’s thinking, and start to explain how I ruined my clothes, which, now I think about it, I left at Harry’s apartment. Damn, I liked that top. When I reach the part about Mother’s phone call, however, Will frowns, concerned.

  “It doesn’t sound like she’s happy.” I finish, but then I remember my phone and tug it from my pocket, checking it properly for the first time

– even when Kitty called and I texted Will, I deliberately didn’t look too closely at the flashing icons in the corner of the screen. But now, as I finally look, I wince.

  42 missed calls, 37 voicemails and 89 messages.

  I know I should have expected it, but it’s still a shock.

  Will registers the look on my face, “What? What’s the matter?”

  I bite my lip and, rather than answer him, I play the first voicemail. My sister’s voice is the first I hear; “Jaz?! OMG what happened?! Where are you? I thought you were joking when you said you weren’t ready... But for God’s sake, just come home! You can’t just run off! Call me, okay?”

  Will moves to my side and wordlessly wraps his arms around me as I brace myself for the rest of the messages. They’re all the same, slowly going from; “Where the hell are you?” and “Get home this instant” to “I’m sorry, can we work this out?” I might have felt moved that my family wanting me home if they actually meant it. I think Tammy is the only member of my family that is actually worried, everyone else is just angry and frustrated.

  My friends have sent me similar words of worry, but they faded out to nothing and I assume Kitty must have reassured them.

  But the worst ones are from Kyle.

  You can practically hear my heart tearing as I listen to his heart broken pleas for me to come back. I might not have loved him like that, but that doesn’t make me an unfeeling bitch.

  “Jazzy, please,” I cringe away from the nickname only he ever used for me. Used. I realise I’m already thinking in past tense. Like he died. He might as well have done for all the damage I’ve done.

  “We can work this out – I don’t know what’s wrong, but whatever it is, can’t we talk it through? I know you weren’t ready I get married – we don’t need to! Please just come back. I love you... please...” His voice breaks with emotion and I can imagine the tears falling down his checks and onto the phone.

  I feel a tear of my own weave a path between my faded freckles.

  I am a terrible person.

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