Biggest Mistake Of My Life? (1D fan Fiction)

Jasmine Harley is only nineteen, but she's getting married... to a man she doesn't love.
If she doesn't marry him, her family will disown her, but if she does, then she has to spend the rest of her life with Kyle.
This wedding could be the biggest mistake of her life, so what happens when she goes against her famiy and runs away? What happens when she finds love in one of the most unlikely place... with One Direction?


5. Cake

A/N Heeeey, this is new right? Just wanted to say I'm sooo sorry that this update took so long :P Computer problems.

Just wanted to say that I'm leaving out the boys' girlfrined because it works better with the story  and I don't want to second guess any real relationships. Hope you like :)

Some skipping in this chapter just for you Mubba :0 You might recognise the first bit ;)

Love ya Pigeons xx

A/N 2; sorree, agian, that i uploaded the wrong chapter - took my ages to realise, so here's the real one :) it was a chapter from one of my other movellas - if you like please read Nowhere for more ;)

  “Louis!” I say, trying to sound annoyed, but instead I laugh along with everyone else. Louis sits on my lap and pouts at me as I try to shove him off. “Get your fat bum offa me!”

  He grins cheekily at me, “Make me.”

  I narrow my eyes at him, “Fine,” I flex my arms, showing absolutely no muscle whatsoever.

  “I dare you.” He smirks.

  “No need.” I reply and shove him as hard as I can off my lap and he lands on the floor with a bump. Niall roars with laughter as Lou glares up at me, an expression of mock hurt on his face. “Ow.”

  “Feisty one you are.” Harry winks at me from the other side of the table.

  I grin, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” I joke.

  Lou picks himself up off the floor and dusts off imaginary dirt from his chinos. “You’ll regret that Candy Girl.” He refers to his new nickname for me - I bought them all sweets in a traditional old sweet shop nestled in a quaint old street where we are now sitting in a cute tea shop. eHe He


  I raise my eyebrows at him, but before I can think of a suitable retort, he’s grabbed a cream cake off the table in front of Niall and throws it in my face.

  Everyone goes silent as I feel the cream slide down my face, waiting for my reaction. I don’t move for a minute, too shocked to move. Slowly I bring up a hand to my face and wipe the cream from my eyes, throwing it to the floor in disgust. “I am going to kill you Louis Tomlinson.”

  Suddenly all the boys start laughing at me and without thinking I flick some of the cream back at Louis and he jumps back in disgust as some splatters his t-shirt. “Ewwww!” I laugh at him in return and he narrows his eyes, “This means war.”

  He grabs Harry’s cake this time and tries to throw it at me, but this time I’m ready and I duck down. It flies over my head and hits Zayn splat bang in the centre of his face. He coughs and splutters comically and I double up laughing.

  “FOOD FIGHT!” Yells Niall, and all hell breaks loose. Literally.

  An assortment of cakes fly across the room until finally an éclair hits a little old lady in the back of the head and a man comes storming out of the kitchen. “OUT! Get out! Now!”

  We fall out of the front of the shop as we’re chased out and being told never to come back. I clutch on to Harry’s shoulder for support as I can barely stand, I’m laughing so much. Unfortunately neither can Harry, who falls into Liam and we end up on the pavement in a tangle of bodies and cake. I feel a hand pull my up and I find myself in Louis’ arms. He Hugs me and rubs more cake in my hair. I shake my head, laughing and pulling out of his grasp. He grins and takes the sunglasses off my head, before skipping down the quiet street, laughing at my outraged expression.

  “LOUIS! Give them back!” I yell, but Louis simply carries on skipping, so I run after him. As I get closer I jump on his back and yank the sunglasses out of his hands. “Ha!” I call, triumphantly.

  Louis tries to shake me off his back, but I cling on for dear life and he finally gives up and I simply sit contentedly on his back. Eventually the others catch up and we set back off down the street, quieter now we seemed to have used up all our energy on the food fight.

  I gaze around at them, with a smile splitting my face, and realise that I only met them a few hours ago - the best few hours of my life. I’ve never had more fun. I’ve never been more myself. They’ve just accepted me like am. I can act me around them, like I can never do with my family, or Kyle, or even Kitty. Sure, she’s my best friend and always will be, but she’s always the sensible one. The emotional one who always knows exactly what to say when I’m upset and when I’m in trouble, but she’s shy, and not as outgoing as me. I suppose Kitty sort of rubbed off on me and I started acting sensible too – but not since I met One Direction.

  I laugh quietly; I almost forgot I was hanging out with the world’s biggest boy band. They’re so... well, not exactly normal, but you know what I mean.

  “Where are we going?” I ask as Harry leads the way, turning down another unfamiliar street.

  He looks back at me and winks, “My place.” I cock my head to the side – he’s trying to flirt, but somehow he just looks like a little kid with cream smeared on his face. Adorable, I laugh.

  Zayn shoots me a confused look but I just shake my head, laughing even more at the way he tries to act dignified while he still has Victoria sponge in his quiff.

  “Jaz, can you get off my back now.” Whines Louis.

  I laugh and lean to whisper in his ear, “Am I that heavy Carrot Boy?”

  “You feel like a sack of potatoes Candy Girl.” He teases.

  “Hey!” I feint annoyance. “Just for that, I’m not getting off.”

  “No!” Cries Louis, “I didn’t mean it – you’re as light as a feather!”

  “That better.” I smile and slip down from his back and land on the hard pavement.

  Louis jumps for joy, free of my weight on his back. “Yey! Freedom!”

  I laugh and roll my eyes as he skips off into the apartment building we’ve just reached. Everyone else follows, so I assume Harry’s apartment must be here. We get some funny looks in the lobby from the few people in here, but I ignore them, feeling happier with these boys than I have in years.

  We all cram into one lift – it’s a tight fit, but I don’t mind, until my phone rings.

  Ergh. I try to shift so I can reach to get my phone out of my pocket. “Niall, get you’re butt out of the way.” I complain.

  “I can’t move, Liam’s elbow’s in my face.”

  “It’s not my fault!” Protests Liam’s voice, even though I can’t see him.

  I sigh and shift around some more until I can fit my hand into my pocket and I fish out my phone, awkwardly brining it up to my ear, not looking to see who it is.

  “Jaz?” Crap. I recognise the worried voice on the other end of the phone I forgot to call Kitty.

 “Kitty? Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I was going to call, but so much happened, I forgot.”

  I can hear her sigh with relief on the other end of the phone. “It’s okay.” Ah, the ever forgiving Kitty. “I was just worried about you – where are you? Where did you stay last night?”

  “Oh Kitty, you’d never guess – Olivia had Will’s contact information.”

  “Will?” She asks, uncertain, but I can tell she still remembers him. Sure enough; “Your brother? She’s still in touch with him?”

  I shrug, even though she can’t see me. “I don’t think so, but she knew how to contact him in an emergency, if one of us died or something.”

  I look up and see the boys watching me in confusion. I smile and mouth, ‘My friend, Kitty’.

  “Oh right, so you’re staying with him?”

  “Yeah, it’s great to see him again – do you know he’s engaged?” I can hear the pessimistic edge to my voice. Obviously Kitty can hear it too because she sighs.

  “Just because you’ve had a bad experience with marriage, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.” My head snaps up at this comment, looking to see if anyone had heard, but only Louis, squished in next to me, looks at me confusedly, but he seems to shrug it off.

  “I know Kitty, I know, but it just seems weird.” I change the subject, looking around the lift again. “You wouldn’t believe who my brother works for!”

  “Who?” She tries to sound interested.

  “One Direction!” I say, my voice edging towards a scream, the boys in question laugh at my excitement.

  “Seriously?!” Kitty doesn’t need to pretend to be interested now – she’s even more of a fan girl than me. “Did you meet them?”

  “I’m in a lift with them now!”

  “What?! Oh my God Jaz! Not fair, how come you get to meet them and not me!”

  We both laugh. “I know, how lucky am I?”

  “Now I can see why you forgot to call, I-” She’s about to say something else when I hear her stop short. “Crap, you’re mum’s here.”

  I frown. “Is it that bad?” Kitty never swears unless something is majorly wrong.

  “Yeah, she’s been terrible. She thought you’d come here, and she went mad when she realised you weren’t. She’s run out of places to look for you. I don’t know how much longer she’s going to...” She doesn’t finish, but she doesn’t need to.

  “Maybe I should...” I don’t really know what I’m offering – to go back?

  “No.” Kitty guesses what I’m thinking. “She’d actually kill you if you come back. Give her some time to cool off.”

  “Okay.” I sigh.

  “I better go, bye Jaz, have fun.” I can practically hear her wink.

  I chuckle despite myself. “Yeah, bye Kitty, I’ll call you when I remember.”

  “See you.” I hang up just as the doors open on to the tenth floor.

  “What was that about?” Asks Zayn, obviously confused by our sudden change in the mood of our conversation.

  I shrug. “Nothing.”

  Zayn looks sceptical, but says nothing.

  Harry produces a key and opens the door to an apartment. As I step inside I wrinkle my nose in disgust. It’s a tip. Seriously – everything is strewn all over the floor; clothes, food, bottles, cups, wrappers. You name it, it was on the floor.

  “Ew Hazza, you’re disgusting.”

  “Sorry, I was going to clean up.” But he grins, discrediting his words.

  “How can you live like this?”

  Niall laughs, “To be fair, it’s normally tidier, only we were here last night and kind of trashes the place.”

  “You don’t say.” I roll my eyes. I follow Liam into what looks like a kitchen and kick a magazine off a bar stool, and sit down gingerly. Suddenly I catch sight of myself the window opposite me. “Oh my god, I look terrible!”

  Harry looks over, grinning, “I beg to differ.”

  “You look like a cake fairy.” Says a voice behind me, I wonder who that could be, I think sarcastically, as Louis skips into view – what is it with him and skipping? Although I have to admit, skipping is a lot fater than walking. And more fun.

  I hold up a lank piece of hair and groan, “I need a shower.”

  Harry smirks.




  Why’d I agree to this?

  I quickly pull off my underwear and step into the spray of warm water. Normally a shower would relax me, but right now I’m so on edge that my muscles are tensed for flight. Not fight. Not when I’m naked.

  As I wash the cake from my hair, I keep glancing nervously towards the door, sure that it’s going to burst open at any moment. Don’t get me wrong, I like the boys, but I really don’t trust them not to throw the door open and see me with nothing on. I quickly snatch one of Harry’s shampoos off the rack and wash my hair as quickly as I can. When I’m happy that most of the grime has come off, I step out of the shower and instantly grab a clean towel that Harry had given me. Keeping my back to the door, I dry myself off and look for something to wear.

  Damn. My ruined clothes lie on the floor, and I can’t put them back on. I wrap the towel around me, cursing Harry for giving me such a small towel. I scowl as I realise he probably did it on purpose. I’m going to kill him.

  I open the door a fraction, “Guys?”

  “Yeah?” All five boys say in unison, sticking their heads around the door frame - they had obviously been standing there the whole time.

  “Perverts.” I mutter, not entirely surprised.

  “You know you love us really.” Niall jokes.

  “Shut up. I need something to wear.”

  “What’s wrong with what you’ve got on?”

  “Harry! I am not walking around in a towel.” They all smirk at me. “Ergh, I knew I should have gone home.”

  It’s only then that I realise that not everyone’s there. “Where’s Liam?”

  They all smirk, but only Zayn answers, “He’s too much of a gentleman.”

  I glare at him. “Liam’s my new favourite.”

  “Who was your old favourite?” Grins Louis.

  Damn. I narrow my eyes. “No one.”

  “Aw, come on Jaz, who was it?” Louis pleads, but I ignore him, trying to suppress the blush rising in my cheeks.

  “I need some clothes. Now.”

  “But I want to know...” I ignore the whining with a smile.

  Zayn holds his hands up in surrender and Niall grins, “She’s already ordering us about. Harry, it’s your flat, you deal with her.”

  I round on Harry. “This was your idea. Find me some clothes.”

  “Okay, okay.” He chuckles, “I’ll find you something to wear.”

  “Good.” I turn back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. I hear Harry’s laughter and Louis’ grumblings following me into the bathroom. I smile despite myself. It’s strange to think that only yesterday I was about to get married... and now? I swear I love these guys.


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