Biggest Mistake Of My Life? (1D fan Fiction)

Jasmine Harley is only nineteen, but she's getting married... to a man she doesn't love.
If she doesn't marry him, her family will disown her, but if she does, then she has to spend the rest of her life with Kyle.
This wedding could be the biggest mistake of her life, so what happens when she goes against her famiy and runs away? What happens when she finds love in one of the most unlikely place... with One Direction?


4. Are You Actually Here?

Are You Actually Here?


  I wake up to the smell of frying bacon coming up from the kitchen. Slowly I open my eyes and find myself tangled in the sheets on an unfamiliar bed. I sit up quickly and realise I’m not in four-poster back at home. As I rub the sleep out of my eyes, it all comes back to me. I ran away from the alter and have come to live with my brother. I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

  Ouch. Nope, I’m awake alright.

 I wake up to the smell of frying bacon coming up from the kitchen. Slowly I open my eyes and find myself tangled in the sheets on an unfamiliar bed. I sit up quickly and realise I’m not in four-poster back at home. As I rub the sleep out of my eyes, it all comes back to me. I ran away from the alter and have come to live with my brother. I pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

  Ouch. Nope, I’m awake alright.

  I swing my legs over the side of the bed and slip my feet into some slippers, throwing on a hoodie over the top of my pyjamas. I shuffle down the stairs, following the smell of bacon. When I get to the kitchen Will grins at me. “You’re finally up. Here.” He hands me a plate of bacon and eggs with I take gratefully and eat as if I haven’t seen food in a year.

  Will watches me, amused, until I’ve finished and finally say, “Thanks.”

  He smiles, “Still not really a morning person then?”

  “Not really.”

  “Well, some of us have to get to work.”

  My eyes shoot up to the clock and I choke on the last of my scrambled egg. “Nine o’clock! Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”

  “You seemed too peaceful, besides I don’t need to be at work until ten today.”


  “The boys don’t get to the studio until half ten today because they have an interview on a breakfast show.”

  “The boys?”

  “The band we’re working with.”

  I smile, “You must have a great job if you don’t even have to be there early. Sounds like my kind of job.”

  Will leans up against the counter behind him and folds his arms across his chest. “I was wondering if you wanted to come with me.”

  I raise my eyebrows. “To a recording studio? Yeah! Wait, won’t your boss mind?”

  He shakes his head. “Nah, he’s pretty relaxed, as long as you don’t get in the way. Or be annoying. ” He smirks at me.

  I punch him lightly on the arm. “Hey, I’m not annoying!”

  “Debateable.” I’m about to hit him again, only harder this time, but he moves out of my reach. “You better get dressed.”

  I stick my tongue out at him and go back to the spare room Will is letting me stay in. I dig through my suitcase finding a random assortment of clothes. I pull out a poncho that I used to dress up in when I was little. What the hell did I think I’d need that for? I toss it to the side and look for something suitable for going to work. It’s harder than it looks, but eventually I settle on a pair of black-and-white striped jeans and a candy purple top with ‘Life’s too short’ written across it in scrawled black letter. I shake my hair out and brush it quickly, apply some light make-up and grab my purse.

  “We need to go now.” Will’s voice calls up the stairs.

  “Coming!” I shout back, running down the stairs and joining him at the door. We walk out to his car together and I slip on some sunglasses against the July sun. As we drive to the studio, I can’t help but gawp at everything; the skyscrapers look like they actually reach the sky, and behind them I can see the London Eye on the iconic London skyline. Will just chuckles as I smile appreciatively at it all – even the huge red buses. It’s alright for him – he’s lived her for ten years, but I haven’t been anywhere near as big as this.

  As we pull up in front of a huge glass building, Will cuts the engine, but before I can get out he says, “I’ll only let you stay on one condition.”

  I roll my eyes, “I won’t be annoying.”

  “Not that...” He looks sly. “Just, promise me not to scream.”

  I frown. “Scream? Why would I scream?”

  He smirks, “Just promise, okay?”

  “Fine, I promise.” He quickly get out of the car and I follow, running up behind him, placing my sunglasses on the top of my head so I can see him properly. “Why would I scream?” Will just shakes his head. “Aw, come on, tell me.” I whine. I keep up my moaning until we reach the seventh floor and he takes me into the room where he works. The deck of buttons and screens and microphones makes me stop dead with a smile on my face. Above it is a huge window looking into a room with five high seats and microphones placed in front of them. It’s empty at the moment, but I guess that’s where the band will sing. The room we’re in now is big, with a hug sofa lining the wall opposite the control decks.

  “Wow,” is all I can manage to say. I throw myself down on the sofa and drink it in. Will sits down at the controls, looking right at home. I study him and see how happy he is here. I wonder what it’s like to have your dream job. Maybe that will be me one day – the one with a dream job. “What is the band called?”

  Will turns to reply, but before he can the door bursts open and in tumbles five very familiar looking boys. My eyes nearly fall out of my head as I stare at them. I recognise them instantly from the posters on my walls. It takes me some effort to close my mouth, which had fallen open, and I hiss at Will, without taking my eyes of the boys. “You could have told me you worked with One Direction!” I can here the hysterical note in my voice, and I finally realise why he made me promise not to scream.

  My brother works with One Direction.

  And I’m sitting staring at them like an idiot. At that thought I quickly compose myself, sitting up and flattening my hair. I send a death glare in Will’s direction for not warning me, but he just sits there smirking at my reaction.

  Even though I feel like I’m about to explode from embarrassment, the boys haven’t even noticed me. They’re too busy in their own little worlds. Louis is clinging on to Harry’s back, and Harry’s trying to shake him off. Niall is eating a something, talking to Liam and Zayn’s absorbed in whatever he’s look at on his phone. I take the opportunity to drink them in. They look so much hotter in real life, even in sweatpants and hoodies. Suddenly Zayn looks up from his phone and sees me sitting there. I swear the moment his brown eyes meet mine I have a mini heart attack. It’s a good thing I don’t blush, because I would be a tomato by now. I know for a fact if Kitty were here, she’d have turned purple. I smile at the thought and Zayn returns the smile. Damn.

  He comes and sits next to me on the sofa and by now I know I am definitely dead. I smile nervously at him, “Hi.” Oh my god, breath Jaz, breath. Be confident. But I’m talking to Zayn Malik! My head screams, so I counter it. Fine, just act confident; this is just another audition, I tell myself.

  “Hey, what are you doing here?” He asks, sliding his phone into his pocket.

  “Erm, Will’s my brother, and he brought me along.”

  “And he didn’t tell you who was going to be here?” Liam guesses, coming over to us and sitting on my other side.

  I laugh, “Not exactly.”

  “I’m Zayn, that’s Liam.”

  I nod, “I know.” But then I bite my lip. “Okay you are actually here, right? I’m not about to wake up?” Shut up Jaz! Just stop before you embarrass yourself.
  “Nope,” Says Liam, smiling widely, and on my other side, Zayn chuckles.  “So, what’s your name?”

  “Jaz, Jasmine Harley.”

  “Hey Jaz,” an Irish accent says, and Niall squishes himself in-between me and Zayn, even though there’s room all along the sofa for him. I giggle nervously and he cocks his head, smiling as he studies me. “You have a cute laugh.

  “Erm thanks.” I laugh again.

  “Hey I saw her first!” Zayn says, shoving Niall lightly, but somehow he still ends up on the floor, scowling up at Zayn. Are they seriously fighting over me?

  Before I can process that thought, Will interrupts, “Okay boys, in the studio, you can talk to Jaz later.” I can see him smirking, so I send him a glare.

  Louis drops off Harry’s back and spins around in circles. “Who’s Jaz?” I send him a wave and he grins and skips over to me and says, “Hi Jaz, I’m Louis.” He engulfs me in a hug and for a moment I just stand there in shock before putting my arms around him in return. I breathe in deeply, inhaling the smell of his cologne. Someone clears their throat and the boys chuckle; I can feel Louis’ chest rumbling against me. He pulls away and turns to the boy next to him. “Hazza, you ruined the moment.” Louis pouts, crossing his arm over his chest.

  “I want to say hello to the hot new girl.” Harry looks at me, winking and flicking his hair to the side.

  I roll my eyes at his obvious flirting,, but I can feel the heat rising in my cheeks.

  Luckily Will saves me, “Right boys, you can talk to Jaz later, but you have a song to record.”

  “Yey!” Exclaims Louis, jumping up. He pulls Harry through a door into the recording room and the others pile in behind him.

  I sit next to Will, watching them with a smile on my face. Will presses a button and speaking into a little microphone so the boys can hear him. “Just read through the lyrics and I’ll play the backing track. You’ve all been given your solos, but if it doesn’t work, then we can swap it around a bit.” The boys nod, calming down slightly as they pick up the lyrics in front of them. Will releases the button and glances at me. “So how do you like One Direction?”

  He turns his head away from me, but I can still see his smirk. I hit his arm, “You could have warned me!”

  “Where’s the fun in that?”

  “Shut up.” I hesitate, not wanting to let on just how much I am fan-girling inside. “They seem like a lot of fun.”

  “Good, because I arranged for you to spend the rest of the day with them.”

  “What?!” I half jump out of my chair in surprise. “Seriously? How come? What are we-”

  Before I can finish Will cuts me off by speaking into the microphone again. “Right boys, let’s give it a try.”

  Now that shuts me up. They put on their headphone, sitting on their chairs and get ready to sing. Will hands me a pair of headphones too and I place them over my hair, hearing the sound of the backing track start up. Liam starts to sing and my eyes widen as I listen, like having my own private concert.

  “Baby I, I wanna know, what you think when you’re alone. Is it me? Yeah. Are you thinking of me? Yeah. Oh, we’ve been friends, now for a while, wanna know, that when you smile, is it me? Yeah. Are you thinking of me? Yeah. Oh, Oh.”

  Then Harry’s voice takes over, “Girl, what would you do, would you wanna stay? If I were to say...”

  Suddenly all the boys’ voices join in for what I guess must be the chorus. They all look directly at me as they sing, and I can feel my face heating up. “I wanna be last, yeah, baby let me be your last, let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first, yeah, wanna be the first to take it all the way like this. And if you, only knew, I wanna be last yeah. Baby let me be your last, your last first kiss.”

  It was all perfect until Louis decided to throw his arms in the air, hitting Zayn and Niall either side of him. Niall topples backward off his chair and a stream of swearwords issues through the headphones over Zayn’s groaning as he rubs his face, readjusting his glasses. I laugh as Niall gets up and lunges for Louis, who sidesteps and instead, Niall collides with Liam and the both end up in heap on the floor. Will tugs the headphones away from my ears another stream of curses comes from Niall and Liam. I double up laughing and see Harry and Louis doing the same. Zayn still looks pissed, but I can see him smirking.

  “Alright guys, funs over, we’ll start it from the top.” Will tells them sternly, but he smiles fondly.

  Niall and Liam drag themselves back on their seats and Liam starts to sing again, but he’s interrupted by Louis’ loud laughter as Harry does an impression of Niall falling off his chair.

  After a few more failed attempts they finally manage to sing the song all the way through, and after and hour or so, I’ve forgotten they’re the famous boy band, and all I can see are five immature boys – and I haven’t stopped laughing the whole time.

  They all come tumbling out of the room as Will releases them, fiddling with some buttons, already editing the track, which I can’t stop humming. I suddenly feel nervous again. I mean, watching them behind the glass is one thing, but hanging out with them in person is totally different, but the boys don’t act any different around me, still joking around.

  Will pulls off his headphones for a minute. “Well Jaz, I don’t think it’ll be much around here anymore, so I thought you could go out with the lads for lunch or something. I’ll pick you up when I’m finished here.”

  “Sure.” I say, trying at act as if having lunch with famous boy bands is something I do everyday. The idea’s taken a bit of getting used to.

  I turn to grin nervously at the boys who are watching me. Louis slings an arm around my shoulder. “Come on Jaz, time for your date with One Direction.” He flashes me a grin and I feel myself relax. Time to let loose and live a little.


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